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  1. Do you have a conference or convention that requires a compelling keynote speaker with practical insights that will inform, educate and engage your audience?
  2. Do you have a senior leadership retreat that needs a speaker who will stimulate the leaders and transform their thinking?
  3. Do you have an internal meeting or a sales meeting that requires a business thinker who can authoritatively speak about how each person can benefit from becoming more engaged in the business?
  4. Do you have a techie group or conference that could benefit from a techie speaker who has learnt to succeed in business and make a compelling case for how each techie can benefit from his/her techie mindset in a business setting?

If any of these opportunities describe what you are looking form, reach out to us to arrange for Ram Iyer, President of the Business Thinking Institute to speak at your event.  He will speak from personal experience (success AND failure), firsthand research data and insights from speaking to hundreds of CEOs and executives across the world. Send us an email at info@businessthinking.com.

You will not hear regurgitated and worn ‘wisdom’ that has failed to reduce the 70% plus failure rate in decades. Get practical insights from an MIT graduate with engineering and business degrees who has started 4 companies, worked at Boeing and Lucent, been a VC in Silicon Valley, and interviewed billionaires, millionaires and CEO’s across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. He lost over a million dollars of personal money on a ‘guaranteed to succeed’ business. From his personal successes and failures, Ram Iyer has identified the five pillars for business success (some not addressed with a business school education) and the ‘silent killers of business success’. Most entrepreneurs believe the myths and platitudes and “follow the herd” to the 70% failure rate. They never learn to identify and remedy the ‘missing recipe for entrepreneurial success’ or develop the ‘business thinking’ necessary for business success.

Ram has validated his insights by surveying 320 business people including 75 millionaires and others not-as-successful (Cronbach alpha of 0.8 for the statistically inclined). His findings are immediately practical and uncommon common sense. He is a passionate speaker who presents unvarnished insights without handing trophies and medals to every person. He will educate, entertain and prod people to act to achieve greater success.



Ram V. Iyer Speaker Brochure (click to download PDF)

Ram V. Iyer One-page Speaker Sheet (click to download PDF)

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