iAchiever Institute

Wellness Hour

with Rahul Gulati


One hour is all it takes… become more flexible and agile; gain more energy to do more during your day; and, become more conscious and focused… AND ACHIEVE MORE…

on your journey together to ACHIEVE YOUR PERSONAL GREATNESS!


become more successful for the rest of your life

Rahul is a yogi, meditator and a spiritual warrior at heart. His journey into this amazing realm of meditation and breath-work began in early 2000 when he discovered these wonderful breathing and meditation techniques, and later went on to become a certified breath and meditation instructor with the Art Of Living Foundation.  He is also a 500-hour certified yoga instructor and a Marma (advanced healing) practitioner.

 He organizes and conducts wellness workshops teaching yoga, breath-work, meditation and general wellness. He focuses on individuals and helps them achieve a greater understanding of themselves,  and help them lead a happier life.

What can you expect from this one hour session ?

It is a comprehensive and integrated mind and body wellness session that will include gentle stretching exercises to increase your mobility and rejuvenate your body, breathing exercises to increase energy and a short meditation to manage the mind. You will leave energized and refreshed!



June 21, New York

Views About Having & Making Money

I can help you become smarter, more intelligent, more successful in business, make more money and more successful.

June 21, New York

Views About Business & Being in Business

I can help you become smarter, more intelligent, more successful in business, make more money and more successful.

June 21, New York

Your Passion, Desire & Motivation for Business

I can help you become smarter, more intelligent, more successful in business, make more money and more successful.

What makes the difference between the high income earners, and the average income earners?

Have you wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? Why do smart people with the same education make vastly different amounts of money? It isn’t native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and earns more and the other does not. The difference lies in whether each person...

1. set monetary goals, lived very intentionally, and became enormously confident by becoming more antifragile.

2. identified and mitigated the barriers within and around themselves, that were preventing them from making more money. Some of them were disempowering mindset elements that each of them possessed, and others are what I call the ‘Silent Killers of Money-Making Success’.

3. developed a business mindset, a set of beliefs and rules that evaluated and capitalized opportunities for maximum monetary gain – acquired more enabling ones and got rid of disabling ones.

4. developed business thinking, a systematic way of evaluating the exchange of value to maximize personal compensation.

Not even top business schools teach you how to develop a ‘business mindset’. Many of them are schools of management (go look at the names of the top 20 b-schools) which produce managers for large businesses (most MBA graduates go on to work for large businesses or management consulting firms). Some people pick up a ‘business mindset’ from their business families and friends, and others from their mentors. Yet others, stumble upon it after years of experience. Unfortunately, most do not... because they don't know what it is (they only know the outcomes of having it), not how to develop it.

Business schools give you the functional elements of business thinking, but don’t give you the business thinking process… you have to ‘connect the dots’ yourself.

And antifragility,… most schools don’t even know about it.

Success bias is rampant in society and at universities and places of work... they hold up their success stories (and hide the unsuccessful ones), leading most people to believe that success is easy to achieve (success bias), by being just who they are (without the need to change much). And then, people have a ‘rude awakening’, years or decades later.

Who is helping you develop business thinking, a business mindset and antifragility? Wouldn’t it be a difference-maker if you picked up business thinking, and a business mindset? And if you learned how to become more antifragile? If you learn these earlier in life, you’ll make a lot more money over your lifetime, and become truly wealthy.