“A successful person is one who gets better, regardless of the success or failure of individual projects… as that person gets better and becomes more confident with every new experience.”

– Ram V. Iyer

Break through turbulence, uncertainty & chaos
Emerge stronger, more resilient and antifragile
Become unstoppable – whether you succeed or fail
Become more successful for the rest of your life




Covid’s been a Super Problem… It’s been like a mindless monster stomping through our lives… causing all sorts of disruption and damage.

Few people have been immune to its effects…. leaving most of us feeling dazed and confused about our jobs… our finances… our families… our businesses… and what’s coming next.

You’re not alone in feeling isolated, uncertain, and frustrated by being forced to deal with all the changes… while trying to make sense of your career options… and adjust to new relationships.

Are you dissatisfied with where you are in your work, your business, your relationships, or self-confidence?

And have the events of the last two years only reinforced your desire for change?

You’re not alone… there are many people who feel the same way.

Covid has impacted everybody… whether we want it, or not.

Instead of trying to predict the future (a fool’s errand), the iUnstoppable Master Class can offer you new tools, strategies, and techniques for dealing with uncertainty and challenges… whatever the future may bring.


The Master Class can show you a whole new way of building self-confidence in the face of an ever-changing world.

We always think of ‘normal’ as being what was in the PAST. What if what we are living NOW is the NORMAL? We wouldn’t even know it. If you prepared to succeed every day AS IT SHOWED UP – every new day’s normal, you could be successful for the rest of your life.

Imagine the power you’ll gain by:

    • Discovering new strategies for dealing with uncertainty and challenges.
    • Identifying specific areas of your life in which you can apply these breakthrough STRATEGIES that will make you unstoppable.
    • Learning how to apply new MENTAL MODELS… to your life so you can overcome your limitations.
    • Getting started right away— and learning how to convert these new concepts into action… so you’ll start seeing new possibilities right during the Master Class.
    • Become part of a supportive community while BUILDING MOMENTUM. In addition to the Master Class, your learning continues for an additional 5 weeks… where you’ll be part of a small group of 5 like-minded people…. you ’ll have the opportunity to try on, test, and internalize all the new concepts and strategies you’ve learned.
    • We WON’T abandon you at the end of the Masterclass to fend for yourself like so many other personal development programs do.
    • Receive personalized advice and attention. Tap into Ram’s expertise. Your package also includes a ‘one-hour’ group consultation with Ram every week, for 5 weeks… getting your questions answered and learning from the questions others ask.
    • Become Unstoppable: learn the secrets that will make you better, stronger and more confident, whether you ‘succeed’ or ‘fail’… and develop new capabilities for breaking through internal and external barriers.


    Dealing with uncertainties

    You’re frustrated because you DON’T know how to proceed.

    You want to know how to deal with the uncertainties of the ‘New Normal’ – Covid, AI, automation, a ‘divided world’…

    You’re seeking strategies, tools, and expertise to thrive in the ‘new normal.’

    You’ve Plateaued

    You’re not satisfied with where you are…you’re smart but haven’t achieved the level of success you believe you deserve.

    You’ve reached a plateau, and want to become more successful.

    And the old ‘solutions’ haven’t worked… you want something real – tested and long lasting.

    You're Drifting

    You hate this feeling… and because you DON’T know where to start

    You’re drifting through life, and NEED to figure out how to find the right path going forward


    Imagine walking in with your challenges… and leaving the Masterclass with solutions, tools, a workable plan… and having already taken several actions to becoming unstoppable – right during the Masterclass.

    Imagine what it’ll be like to have a support system that sustains your momentum… not just for the length of the Master Class… but FIVE WEEKS after the Masterclass… so you can quickly build momentum, the fuel for long-term success. We can even provide the support system for the long run… so you achieve your personal greatness and become unstoppable.

    If you’re a business person… entrepreneur… professional… immigrant, woman or someone seeking to break through turbulence, uncertainty, glass ceilings, or brick walls… or you feel like you haven’t gotten to where you dreamed you’d be…. you’ve come to the right place!

    We’re committed to your success. Participating in the iUnstoppable Master Class is UNLIKE any other personal development course you’ve ever taken before. (we’re the only ones offering this exclusive package.)

    We’re hands-on, which means your education and development is not just through lectures… but includes extended real-life opportunities to use and internalize concepts in a supportive community of like-minded people – during the Master Class and after….

    • You’ll discover over 25+ breakthrough strategies that you can use in different areas of your life and quickly see results.
    • You won’t be left on your own as in most other personal development programs. In the Master Class we’ve split the time between learning by lecture and hands-on implementation… giving you the opportunity to apply these insights to you own life… so you’ll BUILD MOMENTUM right away!
    • You’ll become part of a community of people… who are supportive and on a similar journey to achieve personal greatness. Working together, you’ll help each other explore challenges, and discover how to become unstoppable.
    • Your package includes 5 weeks of weekly group Zoom meetings with your workgroup. Each workgroup is limited to 5 members to guarantee everyone gets to participate. We make it easy for you to apply and internalize these new ideas in a community of like-minded people from your Master Class.
    • We also provide one hour of ‘open office’ with Ram each week during those 5 weeks.
    • Discover new MENTAL MODELS… that enable you to uncover unseen opportunities and overcome limitations… whether internal or external.
    • Become Unstoppable: We guarantee you’ll discover a whole new way of looking at success and failure – that will make you more self-confident with every new experience.

    But wait, in the next section we’ll tell you about another hidden secret… most people don’t know about… that has a gigantic influence on you.


    Rob wasn’t a happy camper.

    He told me, “I’ve have a good education… my business is profitable… and I even own my own home… and yet, I wake up every morning with the nagging feeling of being incomplete… like there is something else I should be doing… but I don’t have a clue of what it is… or how to go about achieving it.”

    He hated having to fight off the nagging feelings of frustration about his current life.

    To the outside observer, his business was doing quite well… and seemed to be growing.

    But Rob couldn’t shake his feelings of disappointment.  He had expected to have accomplished so much more in his business and personal life by now. He saw many of his peers doing much better than him.

    And to make matters worse, he had no clue about where or how to get started.

    That discomfort and desire brought him to one of my Masterclasses… in the hopes of finding a solution for his anxiety, and to eliminate some of these persistent doubts.

    Rob is an ambitious business owner, in his 40’s, who told me, Covid seemed to multiply his desire to find a solution to some of the uneasiness he was experiencing – a motivator (rather than the downer that most other people were worrying about).

    He felt like he’d plateaued in his business and personal relationships… and was seeking something that would make a real and lasting difference in his life.

    He’d attended other events… which had initially gotten him all excited about changing… only to discover that his excitement just evaporated after a week or two of trying to use these ideas all by himself –

    He had no support or guidance … basically leaving him back where he had started.

    But despite his unsatisfactory experience, he was still determined to figure this all out – with support and guidance this time!

    But that changed when the Master Class broke up into small workgroups… and he started working on his own specific issues… and developed a plan with our guidance.

    His excitement grew when he realized that working with a group of similar-minded people allowed him to explore his issues and solutions in a way he could have never done by himself.

    And even when the Master Class ended… there were still 5 more weeks of continued Zoom Masterclass sessions… that allowed him to refresh his knowledge and implement almost everything he’d learned in his life.

    Rob now has a plan… and told us, he doesn’t have those nagging questions anymore… and has started seeing results, giving him the momentum to continue… he’s discovered some powerful strategies that have improved his life already… propelling him on his journey to achieving his personal greatness.


    Imagine my surprise… when I finally realized that the root of many of my problems started when we are very young… way before any of us are aware of what’s happening.


    We, humans, are interesting creatures.

    We only become aware of common sense and obvious things AFTER somebody points them out to us.

    And then, we say, “Of course it’s common sense… of course it’s obvious.”

    You see, we’ve all learned that lying to OTHERS is bad… and had that lesson drilled into us over and over again.

    Most of us HAVE NOT been warned about the dangers of lying to ourselves. Have your parents ever told you, “DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF?”. Well, neither did my parents! So, almost everybody lies to themselves. Often, we don’t even realize we’re doing it… and it prevents us from figuring out who we really are, and how we can succeed…

    1. We lie about our strengths
    2. We lie about our faults and weaknesses
    3. We lie to protect ourselves from embarrassment
    4. We lie to hide failures and fail to learn from them
    5. We lie to avoid the truth about ourselves… and our relationships with others

    And not telling the truth about oneself is a major road block, that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for you to discover who you REALLY ARE…

    Imagine what an amazing GIFT telling the truth about yourself is…  to your family… loved ones… business partners… friends… and TO YOURSELF – you’ll become better, more confident and more authentic when you become a better version of the ‘real you’.

    Do you want to become a better version of the ‘real you’ or the ‘fake you’?

    Because, once you know how to find the ‘real you’… it changes everything.

    It’s something I’ve learned over time… and I want to share with you.




    Achieve Your Personal Greatness

    Become an achiever among your peers, colleagues, friends, competitors...


    Master Class Leader: Ram Iyer

    I can help you become smarter, more intelligent, and unstoppable – helping you become more successful, make more money and become an achiever… and achieve your personal greatness.

    I can teach you how – through Master Classes like this one, blog posts, presentations, keynote speeches, workshops, podcasts and newsletters.

    I’m going to share what I believe to be one of the best personal development Master Classes ever created.

    I call it the iUNSTOPPABLE MASTER CLASS… your springboard to personal success.

    It’s something I’ve been developing for many years… and promises to help you become smarter, more intelligent, more successful in both your personal and professional endeavors.

    One of the things I’ve learned is that most of our upbringing, education, careers, and business experience represents only the tip of the iceberg.  The remaining 90% of your potential, lays hidden and unrealized, below the surface…

    It’s waiting there for you discover and empower it. 

    Which is exactly what the Master Class is designed to help you do…


    eMy life was not going as planned, and I wasn’t sure why.

    A business I had started collapsed and pushed me to the verge
    of bankruptcy. I knew I had a problem but couldn’t put my finger
    on it….

    Little did I know what the real problem was.

    All I had were these vague feelings of discontent.

    But my lack of self-awareness turned out to be one of the major roadblocks to my success.

    And recognizing it, forced me to take a hard look at what I thought I knew about myself.

    It started me on a quest for answers to many of the most important issues we all face – which is, “Why am I not as successful as I should be?”.

    This first revelation came about after I asked some of my professional friends, why my business had failed?

    And they offered classic business school reasoning… ‘You didn’t have the right team… You didn’t have the right technology… blah… blah… blah.

    But this wasn’t my first business… I’d built great teams before… and understood the importance of choosing the right product and technology.

    There was something else going on… that was causing me to fail… and I knew it wasn’t my LACK of knowledge about what to do in the business.

    So, I went back to my friends and insisted… there’s something else happening… and I need you to be completely honest… and tell me the truth, no matter how painful.

    What they told me stopped me cold in my tracks. “You’re not looking at your personal failings your friends and family were trying to warn you about”, they told me. Seems I was disregarding all the truth-tellers around me… and REFUSED to listen to their advice.

    Instead, I had surrounded myself with Yes Men… and inexperienced people… who boosted my ego… and contributed LITTLE to my success.

    The truth felt like a punch in the stomach… doubling me over, leaving me speechless, and gasping for air. I didn’t like what I heard!!

    But it was true!

    I had ignored these truths and had swept them under the rug… and could no longer ignore them.

    I knew I needed to figure out exactly what my ‘fatal flaws’ and the ‘silent killers’ were that I didn’t want to look at… and squarely face them, if I truly wanted to succeed.

    So, despite my hesitation, I started searching for answers to these hard questions. That’s how my quest to become an unstoppable achiever began.

    It’s led me to discover some amazing insights and knowledge. And, to the reason why Money Magazine described me as ‘The Comeback Kid’!

    My story actually begins with what one would assume were a series of significant successes.

    I graduated from MIT (and also got into Cornell, Columbia and the University of Chicago)… have two master’s degrees… I’ve worked as an engineer, designed robots thirty years ago (well before they were popular), headed marketing for a $4.3B business… been a venture capitalist… and started 4 businesses, one of which served clients in 16 countries.

    And yet, in all that time, I didn’t feel successful.

    And I was left wondering, why has the SPECTACULAR SUCCESS which I thought I deserved ELUDED ME. In the meantime, many people I had gone to school with, or worked with… had risen to senior positions…were making obscene amounts of money…and were worth several million dollars. Why not me? What am I doing wrong? And at that time… I didn’t have a clue about what was holding me back.

    I felt like I was making the same mistakes… over, and over again, and couldn’t seem to stop myself.

    I’ve found, one of the hardest lessons to learn is knowing whom to trust, and whom to listen to, so I don’t keep going down blind alleys.

    But it wasn’t my fault because I had no idea there was something better out there.

    I’ve been to many of the most popular personal development programs… They were very exciting and made me feel like I was making amazing progress … except that I was not! In the end, they left me completely unprepared to implement the knowledge on my own. Most of them were shallow and narrow. None of them had communities to help me think through the issues and solutions, to apply what I learned to the challenges I faced, and to hold myself accountable to execute … and achieve the outcomes I was chasing.

    So, I set out to figure out how I could leverage my experience, self-knowledge, personal development courses I had attended… and figure out how to become an unstoppable achiever. I learned many things…

    I discovered that many things I’d learned over the years had ‘evaporated’… and that repetitive reviews are one of the secret ingredients to guaranteeing that you remember.

    Most of the personal development courses do NOT get participants to perform self-assessments. Without knowing what your issues are, what are you correcting? As an analogy, if you don’t know where you are, how the heck do you figure out a path to wherever you want to get to?

    And, unless you find an area of your life to apply your new-found-knowledge, it’ll evaporate… you may as well just read a book! What’s the point of going to a live event?

    I also pulled together my learnings and insights collected over the years… During my studies of successful and powerful people, I’ve discovered over 25 breakthrough mindsets, tools, and mental models that you can APPLY to your own situation and quickly see results.

    For example: Here’s one of the strategies that Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s partner, uses all the time… it’s made him a billionaire.

    Charlie, instead of asking “How CAN Berkshire Hathaway be successful in this business?”, asked “What could we do that would make this business fail?” and then, he’d do the opposite.

    So, following Charlie’s lead, I asked myself, “What am I doing that could cause me to fail?” And eventually came up with TWELVE answers.

    Imagine my SHOCK AND EXCITEMENT when I realized I was doing these things.

    I’ve already talked about one of them. I had disregarded all the truth tellers around me— and refused to listen to their advice. Instead, I surrounded myself with yes men and women…and inexperienced people.

    Well, at the time I hated to admit it… but over the years asking questions like that has given me the power to become unstoppable.

    Being honest with yourself is much more difficult than being honest with others. But it’s been crucial to my development… because once I got started… nothing else offered me the same rewards.

    And, that’s how it all started… because I wasn’t satisfied with the ordinary, mundane way of looking at things… If it works for successful people like Elon Musk, Charlie Munger, and Warren Buffet…

    Imagine what it can do for you!

    This breakthrough knowledge is too important for me to keep to myself.

    This is why I’ve gathered the many insights I’ve learned… and connected the dots for you… so they’re easy to understand and simple to implement. Both my parents were teachers, and teaching is ‘in my blood’.

    I’m determined to share my years of research and experimentation – I’ll be your shortcut… so you’ll have that extra boost that will propel you on your journey to achieving your personal greatness.




    Ram has been featured at:

    “Ram is an amazing thinker.”


    Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

    #1 Executive Coach & Leadership Thinker in the world

    “Ram is one of the smartest and nicest people I know. He’s superbly conceptualizes new ideas and explains them in easy-to-understand terms.”

    Richard Guha

    Fmr. CEO, Reliant Energy

    “You hit it out of the park!! Your talk was gratifying to our audience and the feedback was solid.”

    Luis Patino

    General Manager, Univision Los Angeles


    Warning!   Expecting yourself to become robust, resilient, and unstoppable all by yourself doesn’t work… I know… I’ve tried. 

    Why do this alone… When you can do it with a tribe of like-minded people… on a regular basis for 5 weeks…  with a skilled  facilitator.

    Most other personal development events don’t offer any type of follow-on program.

    They’re NOT REALLY interested in your long-term development.

    But it’s not your fault… They’ve kept it a secret… and it’s the last thing they’d want you to know.

    Their programs are designed to get you all pumped up… so you’ll want to come back to them again and again. Thousands of dollars later, you have little to show. I know, I’ve attended many of them, and spent tens of thousands of dollars on them. P.S. Americans spend over SIX BILLION DOLLARS annually personal on development – and most have little to show for it. Why?

    Because most of these events are designed to get massive amounts of endorphins surging through your body… that can give you an incredible ‘high.’

    But you should know… the organizers have been building the excitement right up until the end.

    They planned on having you leave as high as a kite.  Because they know how the brain stores memories.  It only remembers the last thing you experienced at an event… and they’re confident, because you left ‘high,’ you’ll remember what a great time you had.

    Well fast forward a week or two… you’re ‘high’ has WORN OFF and you’re having a completely different experience.

    If you’re like us… you’re frustrated… the event organizers left you without a specific implementable plan. You’re on your own… and good luck!

    But why should you trust me?

    Aren’t you just like all the other gurus?

    Actually I’m not… I started out just where you are… not knowing what was holding me back… but determined to find a way to change that situation.

    I’m an MIT grad who’s made, AND lost, a lot of money, seen high highs and low lows, read a ton, spoken to hundreds of people, thought a lot and developed practical processes and systems… and DEEPLY CARE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL.

    Our Master Class is different from everybody elses… and that’s why we’re so confident that it can change your life.


    Most personal development events are all about EXPLAINING concepts and facts… without offering you an opportunity to actually try these ideas… and see how they work… or offer you a way to figure out what’s truly important.

    And, by NOT understanding your issues and identifying in which area of your life you can apply what you learn… it’s impossible to apply what you’ve learned to your own individual circumstances. Wasn’t that the reason you went to the event in the first place? 

    You have to split your time between gaining knowledge and applying it — so it really sticks… and makes a positive difference in your life…  But then, to WHAT do you apply the knowledge to? We help you figure it out – we teach you ways to assess life situations and make choices that make sense to you. How do you find areas of your life where you could apply this knowledge to?

    Well, by taking self-assessments… you will learn something new about yourself, and will identify areas of your life where you can apply your new knowledge, develop a plan, and IMPLEMENT STEP ONE right during the Master Class!

    And with 5 additional weeks of group meetings limited to 5 members in a group…

    You won’t be abandoned.

    And by the end of the 5th week, you’ll retain almost all of what you’ve learned (read about the forgetting curve below)! 

    We’re making it easy for you to try, test, and internalize these new ideas in a supportive community.

    The iUnstoppable Master Class is designed to make a positive difference in your life… starting right during the Master Class!



    Most successful people don’t have a clue about why they're successful.

    They never figure out their personal ‘success recipe’. So, when they try something new (expecting to succeed again)… many of them end up falling flat on their face! I know... I did too!

    Ask Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, or Jeff Bezos… and they’ll tell you that their success wasn’t accidental — it was purposeful.   Not only that… they’ve been able to do it over, and over, and over again – leading to spectacular successes and achieving their personal greatness.

    What’s the secret that makes Bezos such a superstar in business… while many of the rest of us just get by, and most entrepreneurs fail (repeatedly)?

    If I told you it was their ability to learn from both their failures AND successeswould you understand what I meant?

    This is a difficult concept to grasp because most people aren’t asking the right questions...

    Are you taking credit for your successes, and looking for someone else to blame for your failures?

    If so, you’re asking the wrong questions... and only seeking easy answers that will make you feel good in the moment (but leave you wondering).

    Many people believe they’ve learned from their failures…but continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

    So not realizing it... when you fail, are you blaming… bad luck... the time of year… your mother-in-law… or one of a thousand other external factors?

    If so, it’s not your fault....  These are subtle hidden issues... most of us aren’t aware of.

    But Musk, Buffett, and Bezos, on the other hand, will ask questions that will allow them to understand WHY THEY’VE FAILED... without blaming or scapegoating external factors.

    And so instead of asking, “     How can Amazon be successful in this business?”  Jeff Bezos might ask, “What could we do... or what did we do that made this business fail?”

    And he’d put together a list of answers… Much like a RECIPE, so he’ll know which actions to never undertake and always avoid.

    Bezos might then ask a similar question to reveal what they have that’s allowing them to succeed.

    These questions include ones about himself – to identify his personal enablers and disablers.

    After that, every time Bezos made another business decision… he’d consult his ‘success and failure’ recipes… and made sure he did (or didn’t) do those things again.

    And in each new project he undertakes he knows what NOT to do… and succeeds more often than most other people. Think about it….if you failed less often, you’d be more successful more often... with each repeated success you'd build momentum and BECOME.... well, A SUCCESSFUL PERSON.

    The secret is knowing... HOW to frame the situation and WHAT questions to ask.

    And that’s where Ram’s years of research and exploration can give you a leg up.

    Imagine how much easier it will be to have an ‘insightful worksheet’ to help you compile your own personal recipes - your 'Success Recipes' and 'Failure Recipes'.

    And not only that... we’ve also simplified the process by including a ‘Why did I?’ worksheet that can help you discover why you did something. Have you wondered about that many many times?

    The Becoming Unstoppable Master Class is the only place where you’ll discover over 25 different ways... to become better, stronger, more capable, smarter, and more successful.

    I have to admit this business of failing and succeeding sounds simple enough… except if you want to truly be unstoppable… you’re going to need to have all your ducks lined up.


    Learning anything requires the application of knowledge, repetitive practice, consistency and momentum.

    But building momentum is like driving a car. You can read or listen to someone else’s description of how to do it till they’re blue in the face… but it won’t give you the hands-on experience that actually driving a car can.

    You have to actually do it.

    It’s only when you get behind the wheel of a car for the first time, put the car in drive and feel the car jerk forward and then die… that you’ve truly started to learn how to drive.

    Well, it’s the same with personal development.

    All the words in the world mean nothing till you take the knowledge you acquired at the Master Class… identify a relevant area of your life … and try to apply the knowledge yourself.

    We help you apply what you learn in your quest to become unstoppable… really!

    Nobody else— offers you this opportunity for 5 extra weeks—nobody!

    And most importantly… your support group remains with you after the Master Class… allowing you to take your new skills out for a test-drive, and learn right along with your team… not just once… but many, many times– stacking one learning experience on top of another – so you can build your self-confidence… testing, developing, and internalizing these new ideas.

    Imagine what a difference these immediate hands-on experiences can have in developing your skills.

    Imagine the real progress you’ll make.

    Imagine having the chance to do this in a supportive community of like-minded people who are also on a similar journey – to achieve their personal greatness. Wouldn’t you love to be an achiever among achievers?

    Imagine how valuable an experience like this can be… the strides you’ll make to becoming unstoppable... it'll help propel you to achieve your personal greatness!

    Imagine having a mentor like Ram working alongside you and your cohorts… guiding you on how to coordinate your learning so you’ll be able to test new concepts… watch them work in your life… and internalize these lessons… so you can incorporate them into your life over and over again – building habits that become routines, and making succeeding a way of life for you.


    Whether you’re a business person, entrepreneur, professional… or someone seeking to break through turbulence, uncertainty, glass ceilings, or brick walls we promise to make your life better.

    We’re committed to your success. You will…

    • LEARN new strategies specifically designed for dealing with uncertainty and challenges.
    • IDENTIFY specific areas of your life to which you can apply these breakthrough STRATEGIES that will make you unstoppable.
    • LEARN how to apply NEW MENTAL MODELS… to your life so you can overcome your limitations.
    • GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY — and learn how to convert these new concepts into action… so you’ll start seeing results almost immediately.
    • BE SUPPORTED after the end of the Master Class… unlike so many other personal development programs that abandon you to fend for yourself.
    • BUILD MOMENTUM by leveraging being part of a supportive community… in addition to the Master Class, your learning continues for an additional 5 weeks… where you’ll be part of a small group of 5 like-minded people…. you’ll have the opportunity to try, test, and internalize all the new concepts and strategies you’ve learned… improve your self-confidence and see positive changes in your life.
    • RECEIVE PERSONALIZED ADVICE & ATTENTION: Tap into Ram’s expertise. Your package includes a one-hour group consultation with Ram every week, for 5 weeks… getting your questions answered and learning from the questions others ask.
    • BECOME UNSTOPPABLE: learn the secrets that will make you immune to change, whether you ‘succeed’ or ‘fail’… and develop new capabilities for breaking through internal and external barriers.

    Becoming UNSTOPPABLE is the result of following a process, and it requires a system to support and enable it. We provide the process and the system, which includes a community of like-minded people on the same journey. We are the only ones who provide you 'the package' that can make you UNSTOPPABLE - whether you need to break through glass ceilings or brick walls!


    Insights for Success in Business & Life

    by Ram V. Iyer

    almost 400 personal quotations on various aspects of life including antifragility, success, business and more that you will find useful.

    Make More Money with Business Thinking

    by Ram V. Iyer

    will help you understand your disablers and enablers about money and business, and describes the elements of business thinking. This is an excellent companion to this Master Class.


    Business owners

    become successful again, or become more successful


    breakthrough to success


    who want to break through


    who want to propel their careers


    who want to break the glass ceiling and the brick wall!

    Your Master Class Leader – Ram Iyer

    I can help you become smarter, more intelligent, make more money, do better in business,  and be more successful – become an achiever among your peers, friends, family, competitors, colleagues…

    I’m an MIT grad, and engineer with a business degree – no fluff, just straight talk.



    Don’t miss out… this could prove to be the most important event you’ll attend.

    Because of the level of personalization we provide, seating for the iUnstoppable Master Class is limited… there are only 50 places.


    iUnstoppable Master Class

    Princeton, New Jersey


    October 1st & 2nd, 2022

    (Saturday & Sunday)

    +5 weeks  of follow-up

    8am-5pm (both days)



    Two packed days of intense learning, doing and celebrating (you’ll take action and start seeing the world differently RIGHT IN THE MASTER CLASS!).

    This is your only chance to walk in with your challenges… walk out with the knowledge, tools, and a workable plan … to BECOME THE NEW YOU THAT WILL THRIVE IN THE NEW WORLD!

    Reserve your place now.


    BENEFIT #1

    Gain a Powerful Advantage in Everything You Do!

    Learn from your successes & failures, so you can repeatedly succeed and avoid failure.

    So you can discover what to do/not do, how to act… and become UNSTOPPABLE!

    enefit #2

    Find Real & Lasting Meaning in your Life.

    Learn new strategies and tactics on dealing with the every-changing and chaotic world, and uncertainties… and  everybody you deal with, will respect you more, and look up to you…

    Benefit #3

    Become Better and More Confident, for the rest of your life!

    You will gain confidence and get better with each experience, whether you succeed or fail… and BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL! 



    Despite our intelligence and education, many of us ask ourselves, “I am ‘smart’. Why am I not more successful?” Some others ask, "I am already successful. How can I become even more successful?" Ram is an MIT alum who did.

    After 10 years of digging, he found 16 factors that influence the success of highly intelligent people. During his talk, he will share those factors with you. During his talk, he will provide game-changing insights as to why this happens, and how each one of you can become more successful. 

    Every alum will receive a FREE assessment ($198 value) that pinpoints which of the 16 factors are enabling or disabling his/her greater success. Ram will create a composite profile of all our alumni who take the assessment so you can see which factors impact success across our alumni community, and see how your assessment report compares to that of your fellow alumni. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into your path to success.



    Increase Attendance:

    1. Many alumni will attend this event because this game-changing talk could help them become more successful, and propel their careers– personal and relevant.

    2. Alumni who attend will get to take the ‘Intelligence, Smartness & Success’ assessment ($198 value) for FREE and identify their enablers and disablers – practical insights they can act upon.

    3. Sharing your club's alumni composite will increase attendance as many will want to compare their individual reports with the composite report. 


    Alumni Insights: We can provide composite profiles of your club’s members who take the assessment which can inform future event planning – where they are already strong, and where your future programming could help them. Alumni insights are hard to get. I know, from running two alumni groups.


    The way we see it, you have three options.

    Option #1:

    You leave this page… close the video… or get up from your computer and ignore EVERYTHING I’ve just told you.

    Do absolutely nothing… and keep on doing what you’re doing right now.

    Go back to your OLD LIFE that’s had you feeling helpless and out of control. When you know you can change your career… your business… or your personal life… with just a few clicks of your mouse…

    But for a moment, IMAGINE what your life will be like 5 or 10 years from now. Do you want to be looking back to this time and ‘kicking yourself’ for not having taking action.

    Imagine, how awkward it’s going to be to hanging out with your friends who attended the Master Class… who are thriving and wondering… “Where would I be right now, if I’d taken the class?”

    Are you still in the same job, struggling with the same business… trying to solve the same issues… that never seem to go away?

    But if you’d like to UP YOUR GAME… you have two other options.

    Option #2:

    Do it yourself.

    Working with all the materials and insights you’ve learned from all the other personal development gurus, courses and books… you’re hoping that the ones you’ve picked go deep enough… even though they haven’t gotten you as far as you’d like.

    Or you’re thinking, the knowledge Ram has acquired is out there… and if I work hard, I’ll discover it…. despite the fact that it took Ram years of searching… and more study and experimentation… over and over until he eventually figured it out.

    Do you have the time, resources, and persistence to sustain such a quest?

    Good luck if you do.

    Option #3:

    Let us do the heavy lifting.

    We’ve done the work so that you can work less … and love it.

    You’ll realize that the iUnstoppable Achiever Master Class is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself.

    You’ll be taking advantage of the many years of experience and knowledge we have to share.

    You can be one of the smart ones who recognize something fantastic when you see it… who get to reclaim your life, and feel your anxiety and concerns fade away.

    We have done the hours and hours of work needed to get to know the territory… and have become expert guides… we have simplified the process… developed the tools, templates and exercises… and developed a system… making it easy for you to learn and apply it to your life.

    Not only will you be solving some of the most difficult issues impeding your progress… but you’ll be able to share your new knowledge with loved ones and friends… becoming a treasured resource and inspiration to others.

    So, grab your spot while it’s still available… all you have to do is Click The “SIGN ME UP” button below.

    And fasten your seat-belt, because you’re in for the best ride of your life.

    Compare our price to the price of similar workshops


    iUnstoppable Achiever Master Class


    Princeton, New Jersey


    October 1st & 2nd, 2022

    Saturday & Sunday

    + 5 weekly followup Zoom calls

    8am-5pm (both days)




    This TWO-DAY Master Class is designed to provide you with everything you’ll need to become Unstoppable.

    It will be two intense days of learning, thinking and practicing (we will pace it so you constantly re-energize).

    We’ll have coffee, breakfast and some healthy drinks, yoga and breathing to get you started. Breakfast, lunch and coffee/snacks during the breaks are included (as well as some ‘surprise goodies’ that will be useful and inspirational even after the Master Class).

    You’ll discover over 25+ breakthrough hands-on strategies, mindsets, tools, and mental models that will allow you to clarify who you are… what you’ll need… and get you started on your path to Become an Unstoppable Achiever.

    Your package includes 5 Weeks of group Zoom meetings (90 minutes each) with your workgroup.  Each workgroup is limited to 5 members in order to guarantee that everyone gets to participate.

    We’ve made it easy for you to try, test, and internalize these new ideas in a community of like-minded people from your Master Class.

    You will also receive iAchiever Newsletter, a weekly compilation of Ram’s perspectives and the perspectives of thought leaders from around the world on becoming unstoppable, developing business thinking, becoming smarter and becoming more successful. And, the latest episode of the Ram Iyer Podcast.

    And includes one hour of ‘open office’ with Ram every week for five weeks after the Master Class.



    Mastermind classes like this can cost $10,000. We have it value-priced.

    We want you to have the experience of working with a group over an extended period of time.

    Because we’ve found working with a group of like-minded individuals can have a profound effect on your thinking and development.  And it’s one of the most powerful and supportive ways to supercharge your progress.

    Once you get started… you’ll find peer accountability is crucial for your success and can help you dig deep into your business and personal development, in ways that working alone can’t.

    You can also count on Ram to help boost your progress… using his list of 25+ specific tools, processes, and systems…  you’ll find he’s simplified the work you’ll need to do… and he will send you the weekly iAchiever Newsletter with insights you can use – articles, podcasts, videos, quotes… which will make your journey to achieve your personal greatness easier.


    What is the investment for this retreat?

    Please see the pricing section earlier on this page. 

    What is included in the price?
    • All Master Class materials – a customized binder of materials for you.
    • Meals and refreshments during the workshop – breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea, water, and break-time snacks on the day/s of the Master Class.
    • Additional goodies at the venue on the day of the event.
    What is your policy regarding sharing the Master Class materials with others?

    All Master Class materials are customized for you – your name and contact details will be on EACH page. You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and CANNOT share the materials with anybody else. There will be significant penalties if you share it with others, or post it in any public forum.

    Where do I stay during the workshop?

    There are several other hotels within minutes from the venue – The Westin Forrestal, The Marriott Forrestal, The Hyatt Regency and several other lower-priced hotels.

    I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?
    Sure, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.
    I have more questions about the Master Class.

    Please send us a message from our CONTACT page or email info@MiTRamiyer.com.


    Achieve Your Personal Greatness

    Become an achiever among your peers, colleagues, friends, competitors...