Not as successful as you should be?
Hit a plateau of success?
Struggling to succeed?

Feel something holding you back?
(pssst…it could be your mindset)

Don’t just hope for success.



iAntifragile Weekend Immersion Program


The future is uncertain. Maybe you’re all shook up with the Covid pandemic, automation,  artificial intelligence or something in your personal or professional life. Nobody really knows what is around the corner. How can you prepare? Well, there are ways prepare to weather these changes and become more capable of succeeding in the ‘new normal’ – become more robust, more resilient and more antifragile. Those who prepare will achieve greater success as the world morphs. If you want to be one of them, read on…

Many people pride themselves on being tough. Some have been resilient during difficult situations in the past. Some have come out of tough spots in their lives while others have been battered. All that is in the past. Wherever and whatever you are, you can become tougher, more resilient and more antifragile – helping you become more successful. This is not marketing BS. I’ve lived through some pretty big ups and downs, ended by being labeled as ‘The Comeback Kid’ by Money magazine. I will share my learnings with you. I will share what I do with you. I will accompany you on your personal journey to greater antifragility and personal greatness.

“Succeeding is a journey; you have to survive in order to work on succeeding.”

Some of you have read Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, but most of you have not done anything with the knowledge, many don’t know how to translate the ideas into action. Unless you use them, they are just (unused) ideas. I have translated them into understandable chunks. I have augmented them with assessments, exercises, tools and techniques that I have tried and found useful. In other words, you will get Antifragile PLUS. If you  become a tougher, more resilient and more antifragile person. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, pedigreed or not, employed or not,….you get the idea.

Come spend a weekend with me – come as you are and leave with knowledge and confidence, and plans on how you can become more robust, resilient and antifragile. You can’t do this alone. I know. I have tried. You need your own tribe. You also need a mentor and guide. You need knowledge that grows as you grow. Come, join me as we journey together to greater antifragility and your personal greatness.

“Success is an AND function, failure is an OR function. The more antifragile you are, the less likely you are to fail.”

External obstacles can be seen by you and others – what most consultants and coaches focus on. Internal obstacles are not visible, maybe not even to you.

Whether you are an employee in a business, a business owner, an entrepreneur, unemployed or a community leader, you can build and achieve a dramatically more successful life if you become more antifragile. 

I will help you increase your antifragility to become more successful. If you are open-minded and embrace elements of the iAntifragile method, you can become increasingly more successful for the rest of your life. 



I am laser-focused on educating you and sharing my experiences from succeeding and failing and succeeding again. MONEY magazine named me ‘THE COMEBACK KID’. I am committed to moving you to action. Your success is my success. I’m not kidding, I’m MIT serious!


– S.I.

– R.P.

– S.K.

Working with Ram was one of the best decisions I ever made. He really cared that I achieve my goals. He is a great coach. Working with him was a difference maker and was absolutely worth the investment.

- R.P.

I have a ton to write about Ram, he is been such a great coach and human being. He made me to connect with my life more deeply. He made me believe in myself. Just like my own brother and father did, he gave me great constructive feedback to improve myself that shows how much he cared for me.

- H.S.

Ram is somebody who really wants to help you succeed in life. He constantly pushed me to dig deeper, introspect and reflect, so that I could understand myself better. He kept nudging me in the right direction so that I could come up with the answers myself and own them. He is also someone who doesn’t want to settle for anything but the best.

- S.N.

Ram’s quick-witted mentality and empathy allowed him to get to know me much better than anyone else has ever done in such a short time span. He is a good listener, capable of learning and understanding anything and then articulating it in simple terms.


He gave me tips that made me more confident. I walked into the interviews confidently and obviously did well.

- J.V.

Ram is honest, compassionate, and 100% committed to your success (not only for the program, but in life)! He has consistently encouraged me to be more reflective and introspective. Ram will encourage you to explore different perspectives and continue to dig deeper.

- S.I.

Ram told me that this process would ultimately make me a better person – I truly believe that this was actually the case. I learnt a lot about myself in the process and I now am more confident about my professional goals.

- H.A.

Ram challenged me to always push myself harder and reflect deeper to develop authentic, vulnerable, and compelling career narrative that I believed and owned.

– N.N

Ram’s advice changed my life.




– S.K.


Understand robustness, resilience and antifragility - and how you can become more antifragile, and how it will help you become more successful.

You will be informed, made to think, work, learn, introspect, stretch and marvel at your own self and what you are capable of, and what you want in life. You will quickly see what is holding you back.

Access to proprietary assessments & tools

Theory is nice but knowing where you stand is valuable – through assessments; and knowing how to remedy certain things with tools is readily practical.

Understand your personal value system in various situations that drive your decisions.

Understand why you make the decisions you do, and how you make different decisions which can make you more robust, resilient and antifragile.

Access to podcasts of interviews before they are released to the public

You will get access to podcasts of successful people and experts – on becoming more antifragile, more intelligent, a better learner and a better thinker and doer. 


Ram V. Iyer is an engineer and immigrant who came to the United States with a few hundred dollars in his pocket and a scholarship to study in graduate school. He has two graduate degrees, one in engineering and another in business, from MIT. He has worked at two multinational companies, Boeing and Lucent, been a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and started five companies – one that served clients in 16 countries, and another that almost bankrupted him.

He has succeeded, failed, reinvented (and succeeded again) in roles as an employee, entrepreneur and business owner – he has become much more antifragile. He introspected and studied successful professionals, why many smart people are not very successful, how to improve intelligence, thinking, learning and smarts, how to become more successful in business (things they don’t teach you in business school) and how to become more successful.  

He has traveled to 48 American states and about 40 countries. MONEY magazine labeled him ‘The Comeback Kid’. He has spoken to thousands as a keynote speaker and advisor around the world.

Ram is a straight shooter who speaks from personal successes and failures – combined with psychology and common sense. His practical insights will save you time and heartache – and provide the ingredients to achieving your personal greatness. The testimonials (above) are real, written by people who have worked with Ram. Come, join me as we journey together to achieve your personal greatness.

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