Expand Your Mind Series


You are smart, accomplished… and want to become more successful.
Do you find that some of your colleagues have more knowledge, a better network, are more innovative… and more successful than you?

If you want to become an ACHIEVER, you need to EXPAND your MIND and your NETWORK.

But, … do you have any of these challenges?

  • Do you feel you are ‘living in a box’?
  • To become a better achiever, you must be in regular conversations with other achievers. But, where do you find a diverse range of achievers… regularly?
  • Where do you find A RANGE OF EXPERTS outside your immediate industry who are willing to ENGAGE with you?
  • Where do you find A NETWORK OF PEOPLE who are also into personal development with whom you can discuss your knowledge and experience?
  • How often do you apply your new knowledge and perspectives in your own life? Who can you talk it out with? Who can brainstorm some ideas with you?

We can help…

Every week, we’ll bring in a different person from a different walk of life. The online meeting will have three parts:

  1. 30-minute curated interview with the expert
  2. 20 minutes of Q&A with the attendees
  3. 10 minutes of breakout group discussions where you will interact with a small group of other attendees to brainstorm how you will leverage the new knowledge in your own life.


Some of the events may be held in-person, providing opportunities for you to interact directly with experts and fellow members.


Achieve Your Personal Greatness

Become an achiever among your peers, colleagues, friends, competitors...


Your Host – Ram Iyer

I can help you become smarter, more intelligent, make more money, better in business,  and more successful.

I’m an MIT grad, and engineer with a business degree – no fluff, just straight talk.



Feeding Your Curious Mind

You are curious… about the world, other fields & people… and expand your mind

You seek access to varied curated experts from across the world

Having Engaging Conversations

You’re bored with having the same old conversations with the same old people. You seek interesting people and engaging conversations. 

Finding a Group of ACHIEVERS

You seek a community of fellow curious and engaging ACHIEVERS who are on their journey to achieving their PERSONAL GREATNESS.


“Ram is an amazing thinker.”


Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Executive Coach & Leadership Thinker in the world

“Ram is one of the smartest and nicest people I know. He’s superbly conceptualizes new ideas and explains them in easy-to-understand terms.”

Richard Guha

Fmr. CEO, Reliant Energy

“You hit it out of the park!! Your talk was gratifying to our audience and the feedback was solid.”

Luis Patino

General Manager, Univision Los Angeles


Achieve Your Personal Greatness

Become an achiever among your peers, colleagues, friends, competitors...




Listen to a different expert every week!

52 Weeks… 52 Experts!

Over the next 20 years, you will listen to 208 experts! Expand your knowledge, learn new things, and expand your mind!

Benefit #2

Opportunities to engage with a different expert every week!

52 weeks… 52 Experts!

Over the next 20 years, you will have opportunities to engage 208 experts! Challenge and be challenged – become better!

Benefit #3

Bridge the knowing-doing gap – ideas + action weekly!

If you got 2 new ideas from each expert, over the next 20 years, you’ll have 416 new ideas to apply to your life & become  an achiever among your peers!


The way we see it, you have three options.

Option #1:

You leave this page… close the video… or get up from your computer and ignore EVERYTHING I’ve just told you.

Do absolutely nothing… and keep on doing what you’re doing right now.

Go back to your OLD LIFE when you know you can change your career… your business… or your personal life… with just a few clicks of your mouse…

But for a moment, IMAGINE what your life will be like 5 or 10 years from now. Do you want to be looking back to this time and ‘kicking yourself’ for not taking action.

Imagine, how awkward it’s going to be to hanging out with seeing your friends who EXPANDED THEIR MIND.. who are thriving, and wondering… “Where would I be right now if I had expanded MY mind?”

Are you still struggling in the same job, struggling with the same business… trying to solve the same issues… that never seem to go away?

But if you’d like to UP YOUR GAME… you have two other options.

Option #2:

Do it yourself.

You may be thinking, the experts Ram will get are out there… and if I work hard, I’ll discover them too…. despite the fact that it took Ram years of searching and networking. 

Search the web for podcasts and videos, go through and figure out which ones may be useful (you’ll probably select the old and familiar… and not end up expanding your mind). But, wait a minute… you’ve had access to the free podcasts and videos for years… did they help you expand your mind, come up with new ideas and make you more successful? 

Do you have the time, resources and persistence to sustain such a quest?

If you do, I’m happy for you.

Option #3:

Let us do the heavy lifting.

We’ve done the work so you can work less … and get the benefits by tuning in one hour a week.

You’ll be taking advantage of the many years of experience and knowledge, decades of networking, and a good rolodex.

You can be one of the smart ones who recognize something fantastic when you see it… expand your mind, become more creative and innovative.

We have done the hours and hours of work needed to get to know the territory… and have become expert guides… simplifying the process… developed the tools, templates and exercises… and developed a system… making it easy for you to learn and apply it to your life.

Not only will you be solving some of the most difficult issues you’ve had to wrestle with… but you’re able to share your new knowledge with loved ones and friends… becoming a treasured resource and inspiration to others.

So, grab your spot while it’s still available… all you have to do is Click The “SIGN ME UP” button below.

And fasten your seat-belt, because you will be EXPANDING YOUR MIND!










You can join from the comfort of your home, office, mountain or beach… your choice!

After the expert conversation and engagement, you will engage with another fellow attendee and brainstorm what you learnt from the expert and how you will apply it in your life.

You will enter your idea and commitment into a simple form, and get to track it the following week or whenever you want… from the convenience of your home, office, mountain or beach.

You will also receive iAchiever Newsletter, a weekly compilation of perspectives from Ram and thought leaders from around the world on becoming unstoppable, developing business thinking, becoming smarter and becoming more successful. 



What is the investment for this weekly series?

Please see the pricing section earlier on this page.

What is included in the price?
  • Access to the expert call
  • Engagement with the expert
  • Documentation of your ideas and commitment (and review)
  • Access to previous recordings as long as your membership is current
What is your policy regarding sharing the login credentials ?

This is for YOU ONLY. We will track access. There will be significant penalties if you share it with others or post it in any public forum.

I have more questions about the Expand your Mind Series.

Please send us a message through our CONTACT page.