Become a role model to millions around the world. Share your insights – from your story of immigration, your struggles and your successes. Build your brand. Get listed in the podcast of immigrant professionals. Tell your story in your own words, in your own voice.

We will interview you about your immigrant experience, your mindset which either helps or hurts you, and advice you have immigrants, locals and natives – on how everybody can learn from aspects of your SUCCESSFUL IMMIGRANT PROFESSIONAL’S mindset. Your podcast and profile will be promoted on social media and to search engines.

Your podcast will be among those with dozens of experts and luminaries. Being associated with them will help to build your personal brand. You can also use links to the marketing materials to build your profile or your business.


To raise the profile of immigrant professionals – individually, and as a group – and share our insights with fellow immigrants and non-immigrants around the world, I am creating a website and putting together a podcast and marketing package for individuals. I interview each immigrant professional and create a podcast that will be published on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast platforms; and create articles and content which will be published on the website and other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. It is marketing for you and solidarity with fellow immigrant professionals. This requires considerable effort, additional resources and ongoing hosting of the content. There is a fee for this offering.


What you will get:

1. Full Name
3. Country of origin & residence
4. One paragraph profile
5. Podcast interview published on iTunes & other podcasting platforms
6. Article of interview on website
7. Post on LinkedIn with link to article
8. Facebook post and link to article
9. Tweets on twitter and link to article
10. Quotes on Instagram and link to article
11. Links to your LinkedIn profile and personal website
12 Links to your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

You will also get access for one year to the largest collection of content – articles, podcasts, videos, assessments and tools – on how you too can become more successful by embracing the mindset of successful immigrant professionals.