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I am currently writing two books – the first on the outlook, behaviors and habits of IMMIGRANT ACHIEVERS – Playbook for Success. In the US, immigrants are among the most visible leaders – Elon Musk (S.Africa), Satya Nadella (India), Sundar Pichai (India) and many more. 30% of all Nobel Prize winners in the sciences and economics since 2000 are immigrants. I have interviewed over 100 immigrants from 40 countries.

The second book I am working on is a coffee table book (glossy photos with profile information on each person) currently titled, IMMIGRANT ACHIEVERS – Profiles of Success. This will list profiles of individual immigrants – their stories, along with a full-page photograph of each of them. We need to raise the profile of immigrants, particularly the achievers among us.

While I have researched and reached out to a broad audience, I recognize that each of you knows more people. I’m sure you have your own heroes who you look up to. Who are they? Tell us and we shall reach out to them. We will interview some of them for the first book and profile some in the coffee table book.

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