We present profiles of 50 remarkable
individuals, all of whom emigrated to this
nation from elsewhere, seeking opportunities.

These immigrant achievers have achieved great
success in their new homeland, and we share
their stories to inform and inspire you.
Discover the stories of IMMIGRANT ACHIEVERS who have achieved success in America.

Immigrant Achievers: Profiles of Success

, America is the grandest experiment in building a nation of immigrants. Some of the most successful individuals in this country are first generation immigrants – people born outside the United States who now call America home. They range from Elon Musk to the CEOs of Google and Microsoft, artists, public officials and numerous Nobel Prize winners. In this upcoming book, we profile 50 immigrant achievers and their personal stories which we hope will be an inspiration to you.

What this book includes


Read the stories of business moguls, philanthropists, scientists, and global changemakers, recounting their journeys to the land of opportunity.


Every one of these 50 individuals succeeded in spite of their immigrant status. Each one of embraced and leveraged their differentness to become outstanding, and you can find out how.


What are their dreams for themselves, future generations and America? What keeps them going to achieve their dreams?



What is their story? What were their dreams? What parallels and inspiration can you draw from the stories of these achievers? How can you emulate these remarkable achievers?

A Peek – Dr. Desh Deshpande, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

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Actionable Insights You Can Use

Successful immigrant achievers have a different mindset – they think and act differently. Simply copying their action (like working hard) will not produce the results they achieve. There is something different about HOW and WHY they do what they do. From extensive research and interviews you will get simple explanations of the elements that drive them to achieve more and faster than most people. He has memorable stories from many interviews and personal experiences.

Whether you are an individual, business leader, community leader or national leader, you will benefit from this talk. Some things you will learn are:

  • What is the playbook of immigrant achievers? 
  • What are the benefits of the immigrant achiever’s playbook – for individuals, businesses, communities and countries?
  • How can fellow immigrants, migrants and natives benefit from embracing the immigrant achiever’s playbook?
  • You will hear compelling stories about inspirational role models and the problems and challenges they faced and overcame (or not) – practical insights.
  • Learn why immigrant achievers are catalysts who spark greatness wherever they go.

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Ram V. Iyer

Ram is an engineer, entrepreneur and immigrant who came to the United States with a few hundred dollars in his pocket and a scholarship to study in graduate school. He has two graduate degrees, one in engineering and another in business from MIT. He has worked at Boeing and Lucent Technologies, been a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and started five companies.

He has succeeded and failed in roles as an employee, entrepreneur and business owner. Ram built one venture that did business in 16 countries and lost his entire life savings on another.

He has studied aspects of this immigrant professional mindset have helped him and those that have not. His practical insights will save you time and heartache – and provide the ingredients to achieving your greatness. 

He has traveled to 48 American states and about 40 countries. MONEY magazine labeled him ‘The Comeback Kid’. He has spoken to thousands as a keynote speaker and as an advisor around the world.

He is a straight shooter who combines  psychology and common sense – practical advice you can use. Achieve your personal greatness by engaging Ram in-person or virtually!

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