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What you will learn in this book

What is business thinking?

It is a way of thinking about every interaction with a client or customer (internal or external) as an exchange of value – that you provide – for compensation from the client.

Why is business thinking important?

While people know that value has to be provided and monetary compensation must be received for a business to be viable, many people do not do either nor understand the many steps in between. What results is limited success or failure – entrepreneurs who fail in business, business owners whose businesses do poorly or employees who do not receive fair compensation. If you develop good business thinking and apply it diligently in all your business interactions, you and your business will become more successful.

How can business thinking help business owners, entrepreneurs & employees?

Every business owner and entrepreneur wants happy and loyal customers with whom they can maximize revenues for the product or service provided. Business thinking is a systematic way of thinking how to do just that.

Employees want recognition, happy customers (internal or external) and maximize compensation. The business thinking canvas will help them do that. 

Key to developing better business thinking

Business thinking spans many important questions that each individual must answer every time he/she has a business interaction. What often causes failure is that the individual either fails to ask each of the key questions or fails to do the various steps. After all, success is an AND function – many things have to be considered and executed – not an OR function. Doing a few things and expecting other things to ‘fall in place’ is just magical thinking.

You will learn about the ‘business thinking canvas’ which is a simple tool that enables disciplined business thinking.


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Content & tools to develop your business thinking

We will provide you access to articles, videos, podcasts and tools online, in-person, on the web and on your mobile device or tablet. You can get access to content in written, audio or video format. 

Ram is an amazing thinker.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Author, Coach and #1 Leadership Thinker in the world

“Ram is one of the smartest and nicest people I know. He’s superb at conceptualizing new ideas and business models.”

Richard Guha

Former CEO, Alliant Energy

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Ram. I had scheduled 20 minutes but continued for over an hour because his questions were so engaging. 

Dr. Ellen Langer

Professor of Psychology, Harvard University & 'Mother of Mindfulness' and expert on mindsets

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Sneak peak into the book

Business is an exchange of value (product, service or solution) for money. Many people wrongly believe that compensation is for hard work or that the customer should pay them more. If you want to receive a larger compensation (earnings), you need to figure out how to provide more (and equivalent) value – and ensure that you receive profitable compensation for the value provided. Some people do not know who their real customer is, what their need (or problem) is, whether they are capable of providing an solution acceptable to the customer, who will compensate them for the value, how much will be paid and whether profitable compensation is received to crate a viable business.

The exchange of value for profitable compensation is important whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or employee of a business. 

The business thinking canvas is a simple tool that can enables individuals and businesses to visualize the exchange of value for compensation. It provides clarity and greater alignment to all parties. It ensures profitable compensation to the provider and value to the customer. It can improve the success of entrepreneurs and business owners, the success and compensation of employees, the alignment of project teams with the project charter and company employees with the company’s goals and objectives.

You will get practical insights and clarifying examples from people which you can use right away. The tools and follow-on content, tools and engagement (with peers and experts) can make you more successful -as an entrepreneur, business owner or company employee.

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You will also be able to read (or watch) it on different devices including  PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

About the Author

Ram V. Iyer is a five-time entrepreneur, former Silicon Valley venture capitalist and an MIT graduate. He is an immigrant who has lived in the USA for over 30 years, experiencing many successes and failures. He has spoken to thousands as a keynote speaker and advisor.

He has been a successful entrepreneur like some of you, an unsuccessful entrepreneur like some of you, an executive and company employee like some of you and a business owner like some of you.

He found from one several business failures and successes that business thinking is essential to business success. He brings common sense and practical and obvious ‘truths’ in a canvas that anybody can learn and use – the business thinking canvas – to become more successful as an employee, executive, entrepreneur or business owner. It does not matter what your education credentials are, you can benefit from this book and its associated materials.

These are his insights into why everybody in business can benefit from business thinking. It pulls together the stories of successful and unsuccessful people and provides practical insights you can use today.

Ram is a straight shooter who speaks from personal successes and failures – combined with psychology and common sense. He built one venture that did business in 16 countries and lost his entire life savings on the next venture. His practical insights will save you time and heartache – and provide the ingredients to achieving your greatness.

“Achieve your greatness in business with business thinking!”

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