I’m an MIT alum who went from owning a company serving clients in 16 countries to almost getting wiped out, and didn’t know why… for a while. I consulted coaches, friends and psychologists, read books, listened to podcasts, watched videos, and spent a lot of time introspecting and thinking. What I figured out, and developed, helped me enormously, and could help you too – some insights…

“A person who considers him/herself ‘NOT SMART’ may easily accept feeling unsuccessful, BUT… a ‘SMART’ person who feels unsuccessful (or feels could be more successful) could be miserable. ”

Society expects smart people to succeed, and harshly judges smart people who don’t become achievers – “He/she is highly educated and smart. What’s wrong with him/her?” At the same time, society shrugs when less educated and ‘not-smart’ people don’t succeed.

“The terrible thing about being a smart person who needs help is that it’s difficult to acknowledge it publicly… because people around you think that you’ve already figured it all out (and don’t need any help or guidance)! Where can you find someone who can relate to your challenge, and provide competent help from first-hand experience?”

I was like you… I understand. I have the experience. I can help because I believe that smart and motivated people can change the world… and I want to help more smart people become more successful!

I have developed several things that have put me on a much better success trajectory – new ways of thinking, unique self-assessments (like one pinpointing why some smart people are not successful), tools, games (yes!), processes and a system to become an achiever – better than average, and more successful. I use these in my own life, and with several clients, constantly making them better. I have had several clients say, “You changed my life!” Reach out if you’d like to have a conversation.

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