We tell ourselves stories… and the more we repeat the stories, they more they become ‘real’ to us. We believe them!

We were all born buck-naked. Our minds were like clumps of clay. Who you are today is a result of your upbringing (other people’s influence) and personal experiences. We learnt by observing and listening to others, or from personal experiences.

Let’s dig deeper.

Who chose your first and last name? Your name ‘defines’ you and carries positive and negative connotations.

Who chose your religion?

Where did you learn to eat, decide what you eat, develop likes and dislikes, behaviors, habits…?

You have beliefs. Where did those and your values come from?

When you started school, you were molded even more. If you attended a public school, you were taught a certain set of beliefs, values, principles, rules… (mindset); if you went to a school run by a religious group, those were different.

You emulated your friends and classmates (who were like you). If you watched a lot of television growing up, watched tiktok videos, read or listened to certain authors, you developed a certain point of view.

You went on to college and then post-college and mostly hung out with others like you.

I’ve found that 75% of a woman’s friends are… WOMEN (same for men) – driving similar mindsets. Your Ivy League, private/public college molded you further. You also learnt to ‘dislike’ people who are ‘different’ (prejudice).

You are smart… I don’t think I need to go on…

We were ‘shaped’ by the biggest influences – immediate family, friends, community, religion, culture, nationality, etc.

If you do (or don’t) like who you are, seek to understand your mindset and identify aspects you don’t like, and want to change.

We humans are lazy – most of us never seek to understand ourselves. We seek ‘secrets’ and ‘effortless shortcuts’, rather than understanding, processes and systems that could lead to consistent and repeated success.

As Daniel Kahnemann pointed out, our brains have two operating systems – System 1 (fast-acting) and System2 (slow-acting) – System 1 makes ‘automatic’ decisions 90%+ of the time, and System 2 (slow-acting) makes deliberate decisions. If you don’t like your life, understand your System 1, and change what you don’t like.

Self-understanding is a journey, and is very contextual.

I can help you in a few areas:

  1. How to make more money repeatedly and consistently
  2. How to become unstoppable (antifragile)
  3. How to be smart AND successful

“If you don’t like the outcomes in your life, understand and change your mindset.

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