When a prospective employer asks, “What can you do for me today?” will you point to your resume, job titles, and the bullets under each position you’ve ever held? Those are a list of what you DID in the PAST.
The world has changed dramatically – you know that; I don’t need to repeat the usual list.
Hiring freezes are becoming common, and layoffs are starting. What will you do if you need to look for a job in this new economy?? How can you be successful in the new economy?
Have you taken stock of yourself recently? If you apply for a new without getting rid of your baggage (all of us carry some), mitigating your weaknesses (all of us have some), repositioning yourself (look at the dated skills on your resume) and learning new tricks, you’ll face FIERCE COMPETITION for the few(er) job openings in the new economy – just plain logic!
Simply put, you need to REinvent yourself. If you don’t REinvent yourself… the OLD YOU may not be able to easily find NEW well-paying JOBS with higher compensation. Simply ‘extending’ your resume into the new job market may not get you interviews.
I have wasted a lot of time and money on ‘gurus’ WHO PROMISED overnight success or GUARANTEED SUCCESS. Guarantees may ring in the sales, but experienced guidance will get you results.
MONEY magazine named me “THE COMEBACK KID” because I’ve REinvented myself several times. I have a proven process and unique assessments that’ll help you REinvent yourself, and position you for SUCCESS in the new economy.
The typical testimonial I get from clients is,

“You have changed my life!”

I can give you dozens of testimonials!!
Whatever your age, embrace this and take action. Reach out if you’d like to have a conversation.
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