We’re constantly bombarded with perspectives, opinions and advice – some from experts, but mostly from people with opinions – they have something to say about everything! Do you listen to all of them… and end up making poor choices?

We humans are a funny lot. We have many choices, but demand more choices, so we can choose THE ONE. But, most of us are paralyzed when faced with too many choices!

Choice is a biological need for humans and animals dictating everything from purchasing to careers, voting, medical decisions, marriage… and includes who you listen to.

According to research by Dr. Sheena Iyengar at Columbia U who authored, ‘The Art of Choosing’, we can handle a few choices, but too many choices can paralyze us (although we seek them!).

In the meantime, businesses and smart people who understand human psychology manipulate you to choose what they offer. They pay $ to be on page1 of the Google search results. And, we are swayed! Research shows that 95% of the choices we make are made on ‘autopilot’ – without conscious choosing – allowing others to manipulate our choices.

I found a better way – a simple solution that works well for me – and may work for you as well.

I created my personal ‘go to’ list of experts I listen to on various topics. Most topics have one, at most, three names against them. When it comes to vetting business ideas aimed at professionals, I call one of my mentors and old friends, Richard Guha, the former President of Reliant Energy. Choose your ‘go to’ person for different fields and topics… and others for other topics.

Most people fail because they follow the insights of many people at different times – often following fads or herds to nowhere. Don’t follow one person’s advice today and switch to another person tomorrow. You may hear what many say, but, follow the advice of your chosen go-to expert. If their advice is consistently wrong, change your go-to expert.

When it comes to personal development, think of the of time and money you’ve spent going to seminars by ‘gurus’, purchased books, listened to audio, watched videos… often providing conflicting or self-serving advice. As a result, YOU MAY HAVE MADE LITTLE PROGRESS towards your goals.

I can be on your go-to list to guide you on the following topics based on my experience and research. I’m an MIT grad – straight-talk, no fluff – on how to:
1.    make more money, individually or as a business, with business thinking
2.    become unstoppable (antifragile)
3.    become an achiever
4.    become smarter AND more successful
5.    emulate the immigrant achievers among us.

What is your ‘go to’ list of experts?

Download the attached PDF to make your personal list of experts now!

Personal Contact List 

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