ACHIEVER – a person who achieves more than the average; a hard-working, successful person.

You decide what success means to you. We humans live in a comparison society. Our self-esteem is linked to how much better/worse we are, compared to others – that’s reality even if you don’t admit it. We envy others who are taller, better looking, smarter, wealthier, better educated, better looking, live in a bigger house…


1. Comparing yourself to others is NOT BAD – depends on what meaning you give the comparison. If you let your envy of others pull you down (jealousy, contempt, feeling inferior), that is the meaning you give! Alternatively, you can use it to motivate yourself to become better, reach higher, try harder & BECOME AN ACHIEVER.

2. You could compare yourself with YOURSELF – and use it to become better – YOU, ONLY BETTER. All of us can FOREVER become BETTER VERSIONS OF OURSELVES. Constantly bettering yourself will make you an achiever among more people – most do not work on personal development.

3. I’ve spent 40+ years figuring out how to become a CONSISTENT achiever. I fell for the trap of ONLY WANTING MORE – learning new things, doing new things, getting new things, following new advice, attending new events, listening to new gurus… ADDING MORE to who I already was – constantly working on my strengths and acquiring more enablers. All good BUT… I’ve found a BETTER WAY. It is MUCH EASIER to become more successful (an achiever) by GETTING RID of things that are not helping, people who are impeding me, stopping unnecessary activities… MITIGATING/ELIMINATING my big (fatal) WEAKNESSES, DISABLERS and IMPEDIMENTS. I now have a DO NOT DO LIST + TO DO LIST

Skeptical? Let’s say you are running a race carrying a 50lb. backpack (ALL OF US CARRY UNNECESSARY BAGGAGE). Most people focus on getting new running shoes, shorts, t-shirts, hair gel… ALL of which cost money, time and effort. If you are running slower because you are 10 lbs. overweight, have an injured ankle, believe you can’t run faster (your disablers/weaknesses) new running shoes will NOT help. Easiest way to achievement – GET RID OF YOUR BAGGAGE and fix your disablers/weaknesses!!

Easiest way to become an ACHIEVER – IDENTIFY & GET RID OF YOUR BAGGAGE/disablers/weaknesses! All of us have them – you too!

The trouble is… Do you know how to find your disablers? Your friends and colleagues won’t tell you (they want you to continue liking them), if your spouse, kids or family tell you, there’ll be HUGE BLOWUP, many people are full of themselves (ignore feedback even when somebody screams it). and FEW OF US HAVE TRUTH-TELLERS (it bothers our egos!). That’s why I’ve been building a series of assessments to HELP PEOPLE IDENTIFY their disablers/weaknesses/baggage…

ASSESSMENT: The impediments/disablers of smart people –

ASSESSMENT: Money-making ‘blocks’ preventing you from making more money! –

ASSESSMENT: Your current ‘silent killers of success’ –

Are you appropriately prepared for whichever race YOU are running in? See image & think.

If you want to become an achiever in a hurry, I offer 1-1 coaching. Message me.

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