They already have many ‘success habits’, which is a major fact in their repeated successes.

They are often surrounded by other successful people – ‘winners’ like to hang out with ‘winners’!

They are presented more opportunities – people bet on proven ‘winners’!

They have momentum – it is easier to build success upon success.

Many of us, however, have plateaued or had setbacks (some big). We think we’re in a hopeless situation. I know, I’ve been there. What do you do to ‘get out of the proverbial hole, or become a successful person?

I had one company that served clients in sixteen countries, and the next one almost bankrupted me. After years of introspection, research, and interviews, I developed a methodology that encapsulates all the elements required to become a successful person, whatever your situation today – the iCLIMB methodology:

i – Take stock of yourself, your business, organization, project, and broader context. You can only achieve your goals with who you are, from where you are, … therefore, understand yourself and where you are now.

C – Clarity, Commitment & Community
Develop Clarity – of what you want to achieve, and WHY
Make a Commitment to live intentionally through thick and thin
Find a community of like-minded people on the same quest (it’s harder than you think)

L – Leverage your strengths and enablers of success for that goal. (many people know some of these)

i – Live Intentionally – how you see the world, think, decide and act daily to achieve your goals

M – Minimize your DISABLERS and fatal weaknesses (few people know theirs; many choose to intentionally ignore the ones they know)

B – Build momentum by CONSTANTLY improving yourself with antifragility – become better and more confident from successes AND failures.

I have wasted a lot of time and money on ‘gurus’ WHO PROMISED overnight success or had a two-step process to GUARANTEED SUCCESS.

I wish I’d known the iCLIMB methodology when I was in my 20s, and used it… I’d be in a very different place. But, that’s my life-lesson. You don’t have to repeat that. Whatever your age, embrace this and take action.

If you’re not successful enough, or aren’t succeeding consistently and repeatedly, the first step is to use the iCLIMB Methodology AND join a tribe of achievers to succeed once, twice, thrice… Pretty soon, you’ll have more opportunities, attract more achievers into your tribe, and build momentum to succeed consistently and repeatedly.

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