Ram Iyer is a recognized expert on succeeding in business and the importance of passion for entrepreneurs. He has developed a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of business people and has interviewed over a hundred business leaders, thought leaders and experts.  After extensive discussions with these executives, Ram conceived the Business Thinking Institute as a source of research, tools, community, and advocacy. A prolific writer, Ram has been published in top trade journals and has been featured in Money Magazine, Fortune and CFO Magazine. A former venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and executive at companies such as Boeing and Lucent, Ram is a speaker sought by conference organizers, associations and universities in the US and in Asia. He started companies, worked at start-ups, midsize and large companies in engineering, manufacturing, operations, marketing and strategy and at the Business Thinking Institute, he is systematically harnessing the knowledge of successful business people and those seeking greater success in business. They assess, inform (knowledge center, podcasts), coach and have a community of fellow business achievers discussing things they ‘forgot’ to teach you in business school.