Success Is Easy If…..

I know you. I used to be like you. You see successful people and wonder how you too can become like them. You are highly motivated to succeed. You are seeking that ‘edge’ that could help you achieve your greatness. You have tried all the tricks you know but aren’t breaking through. You’ve read the books and wonder why they did not help. You’ve embraced some habits of successful people but can’t seem to sustain them or see significant results. Maybe you have even figured out what you need to do but find yourself no doing it (like exercising more regularly!). What’s missing? What’s the right way? I’ve struggled with these same questions.

Many people seek to become somebody else – like Elon Musk. It is impossible to replicate Elon or any other person because every human is unique. You can become more like somebody and, certainly, a better version of yourself. Yet others seek the ‘pot of gold’ of the successful pioneers – the billions of Sergey Brin and Elon Musk or the fame of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – and seek shortcuts  to successful outcomes. That won’t happen either.

“Waking up early and brushing your teeth from left to right like Elon Musk will not make you successful like him.”

Most people emulate observable behaviors. Waking up early and brushing your teeth from left to right like Elon Musk will not make you successful like him. Instead, emulating his mindset could yield better results.

 “Wearing the same dress as Ariana Huffington could make you feel good for a few minutes or the evening, but won’t make you successful like her.”

The key to success is to emulate the MINDSET of some of the most successful people around. Where do you find the role models and how do you figure out their mindset? And, what is mindset anyway? The mindset is the mind lens of each individual that enables us to give meaning to what we see and experience in the world around us. It is based on our personal beliefs, values, principles and self-talk. Much of it is set (think of it as the program that runs your mind about 95% of the time) during childhood and from highly emotional experiences (positive or negative) in your life.

“Change your mindset, change your life.”

How do you identify these role models, get through to them and get them to share their journeys and insights into their mindset? Those are hard. I know. I had to leverage my background, credibility, contacts, charm and persistence to reach over a hundred of them, including Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, senior executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, engineers, techies and non-techies. Interviewing the role models was a whole different thing. Next, how do you figure out the mindset of these role models? Gleaning these from the role models requires piecing these together from multiple sources – in-depth interviews with the role models themselves, people who know them well, research and inferences. I figured out a rather simple but profound insight from a major setback I had a few years ago. People are unable to succeed because they fail before they have a chance to succeed. What are the things within you that may be causing you to fail? You need to identify and eliminate (or replace) disempowering aspects of your mindset so you can work on succeeding. Instilling the beliefs, embracing the values and principles, and engaging in the self-talk of the successful pioneers will make you a better version of yourself and move you towards your goals. How do you do that? That was another journey of exploration with experts and mindset coaches.

“Achieve your personal greatness, with the mindset of champions.”

Success is not what you get, but rather who you become. Embracing the mindset of the successful pioneers will create a new you. Once you embrace the ‘success mindset’, success is more likely to follow. Once you become the goose that lays golden eggs, you can lay golden eggs forever. The research for the upcoming book I am writing with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has gleaned insights from over a hundred role models and experts of our time. We explored their individual journeys (which cannot be replicated), and gleaned clues into their mindset (which you can emulate). It is their mindset that we have are distilling in this book. If you embrace aspects of their success mindsets, you will become a much better version of your current self and a much bigger success than you currently are.

“The step you take today is the first one into your future – an extension of your yesterday and a leap into an exciting tomorrow.”

I have distilled the mindset traits from researching and interviewing over a hundred people, including Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, senior executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, engineers, techies and non-techies. If you are interested in benefiting from these insights and propelling your life quickly, send me a message from the CONTACT page form – whether you want group coaching or one-on-one coaching. I shall revert to you within a day – Contact me