Do you consider yourself smart? Yes/No?

Are you as successful as you think you should be? Yes/No?

You know which one of following four categories you fall into –
1) smart & successful
2) smart & NOT successful
3) Not smart but successful
4) Not smart & not successful

A person who considers him/herself ‘NOT SMART’ may easily accept the lack of success, BUT… an unsuccessful SMART person feels miserable.

Society expects smart people to succeed, and harshly judges smart people who don’t succeed – “He’s a Harvard/Columbia/Stanford/ MIT… grad, what went wrong with him?” At the same time, society shrugs when ‘not smart’ people don’t succeed.

“The terrible thing about being an unsuccessful smart person is that you can’t tell anyone how you feel, or acknowledge your lack of success… even privately.”

Most of them simply suffer the shame of lacking success than seek help. The person’s ego simply won’t allow that!!! A smart mind is a terrible thing to waste!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve been in your shoes… I’ve figured it out, and know how you can turn things around!

As all of us know, succeeding in life (in a society of other humans, with many unknown and evolving situations) REQUIRES MORE THAN SMARTS. Smart people know that too… but they often get in their own way in 15 classic ways. How do I know? I was one of them. I hired 2 psychologists and figured out why I had a spectacular failure in spite of being an MIT grad. We developed an elaborate assessment to pinpoint which of the 15 classic factors were impeding my success, and then developed solutions and worksheets to mitigate them. I realized that the same assessment, solutions, and worksheets can help other smart people struggling to succeed.

I want to help more smart people become more successful. If you’re interested in learning more, contact me… you’re smart!

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