As a child growing up, you had many personal experiences. You figured out that crying gets the attention of others, touching fire burns your fingers, a match enables you to start a fire, and more – you learnt much of what works/doesn’t, what you should/shouldn’t do in certain circumstances… from personal experience. Those were from learning-by-doing – experimenting on your own. Of course, you also learnt from your parents, guardians, teachers and other influencers.

As you became an adult, finish college, and start your professional life, you may have ‘lost’ the influencers who could guide you to greater success. You’re ‘on their own’!

None of us can learn all we need to be ‘successful’ by experimenting all our lives – there just isn’t enough time. There are two shortcuts –

a) gain knowledge from other people’s experiences in the form of books, audio, video, games, webinars, workshops, master classes, retreats

b) seek personalized advice and mentoring from an experienced person.

1)    People who leverage NEITHER lead mediocre or lesser lives. You know who they are. They often drift through life to its inevitable end.

2)   A second group of people acquire knowledge from books, etc. but do not act on their knowledge – have the knowing-doing gap. They remain largely mediocre as well. Think of ideas that maybe even you had a few years ago. And then, you see it implemented, and somebody is famous or becomes wealthy implementing that idea. They are also the ones who the savvy and cunning people ‘take for a ride’.

3)   A third group which acts on the knowledge and learn experientially do better. Many in this group often spend years, decades or their entire lifetime experimenting and learning… they lack the wisdom of what may or may not be worth pursuing – lots of wasted effort, and little to show in terms of successful outcomes (position, power, money, etc.). Many of them end up becoming hobbyists, jumping from one interest to another, but never being good at one thing, or capitalizing on one thing.

4)  A fourth group of people acquire knowledge, learn experientially and obtain bespoke advice (coaching) and mentoring go farthest. With mentoring and coaching, they focus on a few specific areas, and bridge the knowing-doing gap, implementing their insights and learnings quickly.

High achievers are among the last group of people. Which group do you belong to?


  1. REinvent yourself
  2. make more money consistently
  3. become unstoppable (antifragile)
  4. be smart AND successful
  5. emulate immigrant ACHIEVERS

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