Based on our life experiences, mindset, habits, thought patters and the situation, each of us have certain behavioral tendencies. It is important to understand our personal behavioral tendencies so we can reinforce or modify them.
One basic distinction is the between people who constantly ‘play to win’ and others who ‘play to avoid losing’. This is a HUGE distinction. In sports, it is analogous to asking you whether offense or defense is more important to winning a game. Which do you think is more important to winning the game (and more games)?
People who focus only on offense could end up losing if the defense is terrible and the opponent scores a large number of points. On the other hand, if you only play defense (and ignore the offense), you could still lose the game if you are unable to score points with offense.
‘Playing to win’ and ‘playing not to lose’ both reflect strengths as well as
potential weaknesses. Knowing your natural tendencies helps you look at yourself objectively and consciously shape your behavior to fit the situation.

Almost everybody chooses from both categories, and most people have a bias in favor of one approach or the other. There are no right or wrong choices – it is after all an indication of your current leanings. Depending on the situation, one or the other, or some combination of the two is best. Only you can be the judge.

Achievers seek to do better than the average, and generally ‘seek to WIN’.
Do you know what your tendency is? Find out by clicking on the link below and take a short assessment. You will get a score and a little guidance on your tendencies. It opened my eyes(!)