Experts and ‘gurus’ tell you how sweet success is, get you to imagine being successful, and tell you the steps to get there, BUT… there’s a HUGE problem. They DO NOT KNOW WHO AND WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Maybe even you haven’t assessed yourself recently (you know bits and pieces, but that’s it). Think about it…
Let’s say you want to get to Washington, DC. In order to map a route to get there, you need to know where you are starting from. There is no automatic GPS locator (Wayz, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.) for
you/your mindset/ your capabilities/strengths/weakness/… that determines WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU ARE TODAY (ALL CAPITALS for emphasis)!!
Most people cannot answer certain basic questions about themselves… questions like:
1.      What is your mindset (beliefs, values, rules, etc.) now? This is the FOUNDATION of how you view the world, make decisions, act, and give meaning to the outcomes. If you don’t understand key elements of your current mindset, it’s like wearing new clothes, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, etc. in the hopes of living longer? Understanding your current mindset is an essential starting point for any success roadmap.
2.      What are your strengths now?
3.      What are your capabilities now?
4.      What are your weaknesses now?
5.      What are your enablers now that could make you more successful?
6.      What are your disablers now that could be impediments to your success? We humans tend to dwell on our strengths and hide (or ignore) our weaknesses. We hope that our weaknesses won’t hurt us… but hope is neither a strategy, nor is it reasonable!
“Understanding your current mindset, impediments, strengths, weaknesses… is an essential starting point for any personal
development roadmap.”

“Being truthful about your pluses and minuses is essential as a starting point for your roadmap. Garbage in, garbage roadmap out!”
How many workshops, Master Classes, courses, seminars, coaches assess your current self (establish a starting point for your transformation/improvement)? And, if they don’t know your current state, do you trust in your roadmap to success?
Are you feeling ‘lost’ with your current ‘roadmap for success’ (look at the graphic – where you are starting from will determine your route).
I get all clients to take a series of assessments to identify those BEFORE I start working with them. I want to understand WHO and WHERE YOU ARE before we get started. Email me if you want to learn more about how to reinvent yourself for greater success.


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