You have a good education and a good job… you’re on LinkedIn. Are you as successful as you should be? Are you the achiever among your classmates, colleagues, friends, family and competitors? If you are, congratulations! Otherwise, read on…

Comparison motivates us to achieve. The way I see it, you have three options:

Option #1:

Do absolutely nothing… remain indifferent and keep doing what you’re doing right… and remain unhappy with your life when you know you can change your career, business, or financial life by deciding to act now.

For a moment, IMAGINE what your life will be like 5 or 10 years from now – AT YOUR NEXT SCHOOL/COLLEGE REUNION/ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY AFTER THE RAISES, PROMOTIONS AND BONUSES HAVE BEEN DECIDED? Do you want to be looking back to this time and ‘kicking yourself’ for not acting?

Option #2:

Do it yourself.

Most people spend years (even lifetimes) trying to do it on their own – read books, watch free videos, listen to free podcasts…

Or, work with all the materials and insights you’ve learned from personal development gurus, courses and books… hoping that the ones you’ve chosen will help… even though they haven’t gotten you as far as you’d like.

Or thinking, “If I work hard, I’ll discover what I need (I hope!)”… despite the fact that there are experienced teachers, coaches and mentors who can teach, coach and mentor you to become an achiever sooner.

Do you have the time, resources and persistence to sustain such a quest? How much money will you miss making while you are on such a quest?

Good luck if you choose Option #2.

Option #3:

Let me guide and mentor you to become an achiever.

After years of research, thinking and experimentation, I developed the iCLIMB framework which captures the major inter-related elements required for improving oneself or one’s organization.


i – Take stock of yourself, your business, organization… – understand yourself and where you are now


C – Develop Clarity of what success means to you, Commit & build your support Community


L – Leverage your strengths and enablers


i – Live Intentionally to achieve your goals


M – Minimize your DISABLERS and fatal weaknesses (‘silent killers of success’)


B – Build momentum by CONSTANTLY improving yourself with Antifragility – becoming better and more confident (like the hydra in Greek mythology), whether you succeed or fail.


I teach 3 master classes on how to – become unstoppable (antifragile), make more money, & become smart AND successful – & achieve your personal greatness – become an ACHIEVER among your peers, classmates, friends, family…

Check this link for programs:

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