Here’s why you are struggling to make more money…


I feel your pain! I struggled to make money for a long time, and when I did make money, I was losing it. Why? I have experience, education, etc., but something was holding me back. Have you had that feeling?


Being curious, I dug into it.


Daniel Kahnemann, author of ‘Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow’, pointed out that our brains have TWO operating systems – System 1 (fast-acting) and System2 (slow-acting) – System 1 (our subconscious mind) makes ‘automatic’ decisions 90%+ of the time, and System 2 (our conscious mind) makes deliberate decisions ~ 5% of the time.


Going back to my money-making struggles, I realized that my System 1 (sub-conscious) was making choices (decisions) that may be conflicting with my conscious choices. And since our sub-conscious mind is VERY FAST, the decision (choice) may have already been made before I consciously thought about it and made a conscious decision. Make sense?


Next, I set out to understand my sub-conscious programming. It seemed that there was sub-conscious programming that was impeding my ability to make more money.


There is widespread research that shows that our mindset – beliefs, values, principles and rules we learnt (generally taught by our immediate family and influencers you spent a lot of time with) have a HUGE bearing on how we view the world, make choices, behave, and create outcomes for ourselves. Other HUGE influencers of one’s mindset are the intensely positive and negative experiences we have lifelong. I have figured out my System 1 (sub-conscious) programming that was holding me back from making more money.


I then set out to test it on others- by designing an assessment with those factors. I wanted to find out, “Are these the same factors that also affect other people’s ability to make money?” I was astounded by the results which were confirmed by multiple statisticians – the assessment had an 81% correlation between the factors (questions) and the person’s ability to make more money (or hold on to their money)!!! Most assessments have a correlation of 40%-50%, meaning many questions(factors) they think are significant factors are not relevant. 81%. Wow!!


If you want to take the assessment, which has 16 questions, click on the link in the COMMENTS below. Find out what’s holding you back from more $



Based on years of extensive research, I’m finishing a book, ‘Make More Money with Business Thinking’. I also have a Master Class – ‘iMakeMoreMoney with Business Thinking’. We will delve into your mindset, identify the disabling elements and learn about enabling elements that will help you make more money consistently and repeatedly for the rest of your life.


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