Are you uneasy about finding future jobs? Feeling stagnant in your career, lacking success, and unsure of your roadmap? Struggling to find a new job or dealing with an unattractive resume? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.
Rapid economic changes, the prevalence of artificial intelligence, technologies like ChatGPT, and machine learning have left many feeling uncomfortable. The old approach of dusting off your resume or adding buzzwords won’t work. Job openings are fiercely competitive, especially for those with outdated skills.

To succeed in the post-pandemic “new normal”:
1.      Embrace change and REinvent yourself: Rethink skills, experiences, and personal brand to align with current demands.
2.      RE-evaluate experiences and skills: Assess their value in today’s job market. Enhance or update relevant ones.
3.      IDentify and acquire new skills: Recognize emerging demands and seek learning opportunities.
4.      Set clear short, medium, and long-term goals for your career – create a CAREER ROADMAP.
5.      ADDRESS DISABLERS: Overcome limitations and weaknesses for better success, especially in your mid- and late-career. This will propel your career more than just relying on old strengths.

Career counselors often overlook self-understanding, a crucial step in personal development. Understanding your mindset, strengths, weaknesses, and impediments creates a successful roadmap. Neglecting this self-awareness is akin to donning new clothes, shoes, jewelry, or a new hairstyle in the hope of living longer. Unfortunately, most struggle to answer basic questions about themselves.

As a career and personal development expert, I’m known as “THE COMEBACK KID” by MONEY magazine, having reinvented myself multiple times. With a proven process and unique assessments, I can help you position yourself for success in the new economy. For more information, see the comments below or reach out to me.

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