Do you feel Guilty About Wanting to Make More Money?

We have created a paradoxical civilization in which most people raise children with the mindset that the acquisition and accumulation of money is bad. We perpetuate beliefs like, “Money is the root cause of all evil,” or “Money corrupts,” and the like. Most of the same children, as adults, seek to make more money, but are held back by their limiting beliefs about money that were programmed into them when they were children. How good do you feel about making more money, which you (probably unconsciously) and society believe will corrupt you and make you miserable? You probably repeat those stereotypical beliefs that are disempowering you from making more money – repeating them to yourself, your children and to your friends and family. As a result, a majority of the people feel guilty about spending much of their lives trying to make and accumulate more money.

Look back at some of the beliefs that were instilled in you during your early years (before the age of 8), and key experiences (positive and negative) in your life. Those are major clues… to identify the beliefs that induce your GUILT about making money.


The biggest obstacle for many people who really do want to make more money is to mitigate their mindset of feeling guilty. That obstacle is HUGE. Many people spend ENTIRE LIVES unsuccessfully trying to make more money. They know something is holding them back… but do not know what it is.


Well, I’ve designed a simple assessment which will tell you if you carry the negative programming (mindset) about making more money. It takes about 5 minutes.


This assessment has a correlation of 81% based on hundreds of responses – if you score above the threshold (60), you are highly likely (81% likely) to succeed in making more money; if you score below the threshold (60), you are highly likely (81% likely)  to be unsuccessful in making more money.


Click the link to the assessment:


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