‘Book smart’ people approach life intellectually, and seek solutions through books, webinars, courses, and intense analysis. If you’re an overly ‘book smart’ person, this approach will often fail because reality is complex and dynamic, and involves people who are inherently irrational. Street-smart people learn from experiences — from the ‘school of hard knocks’.

Many successful people (including those who aren’t book-smart) have a street-smart mindset, focus on what works, ignore the things that don’t work, and continuously move towards a solution. They’ve developed their unique perspective through real-life experiences and reject a tendency to overthink. They are adaptable, agile, seek perspectives and help from others (book smart or not) and think outside the box to find solutions. That means breaking from habitual (or commonly accepted) thinking patterns, often outside one’s comfort zone. It requires questioning your assumptions, perceptions, and attitudes. It implies taking risks, and could be intensely uncomfortable… and, could yield better solutions faster.

‘Book smart’ people often rely on theory and models, and focus on ‘what should work’. They’re uncomfortable outside their comfort zones, avoid experimentation, and avoid learning from non-book-smart people… about ‘what does work’!

‘Street smart’ people could be labeled as ‘antifragile’ – they learn from doing (succeed/fail), glean ‘success recipes’ or ‘avoid failure recipes’, and become better and more confident with each experience.

If you’re a ‘book-smart’ person, learning to become and practice antifragility could make you more effective in the real world, and make you more successful for the rest of your life.

To become a successful person, you need BOTH book-smarts and street-smarts. You have to be the judge of the right mix for you.

I learnt these after dwelling for years on being an MIT grad. I leverage my upbringing and life experiences to practice antifragility daily. I can teach you, irrespective of your education, how you too can become UNSTOPPABLE – become better and more confident every day for the rest of your life.

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