Covid’s been a Super Problem… It’s been a monster stomping through our lives… causing all sorts of disruption and damage. Covid will be around for a long time – it is transitioning from being a pandemic to being an endemic (like the common flu – around for a long time, killing some people or killing in pockets – not enough to panic (somebody else is getting killed somewhere else!), but enough to worry). The war in Ukraine may not end soon. The supply chain problems that triggered the inflation (I don’t believe the government’s 8.9% number. With gasoline prices exceeding $5/gallon, the price of everything has increased… food, clothing, rents, … even my storage unit increased prices! A shrinking of the economy will result (a recession), and then companies will cut back hiring, and lay off people. And, the stock market continues to fall. Trillions in wealth has been wiped out. Maybe your 401(k) has shrunk.

What will the next year bring..? Where do you stand? How will you deal with the uncertain world ahead????

No one’s been immune to its effects…. leaving most of us feeling dazed and confused about our jobs… our finances… our families… our businesses… and what’s coming next.

Almost all of us have been impacted… whether we want it, or not.

You’re not alone in feeling isolated, uncertain, and frustrated by being forced to deal with all the changes… while trying to make sense of your career options… and adjust to ever-changing realities.

Are you dissatisfied with where you are in your work, your business, your relationships, or self-confidence?

And have the events of the last two years only reinforced your desire for change?

You’re not alone… there are many people who feel the same way.


Instead of trying to predict the future (a fool’s errand – I know, I tried that!), I found a better way… personally prepare and become capable of dealing with uncertainties, challenges and whatever variation of Covid or some other unknown is in our future. Or, maybe it is increased automation, AI, machine learning, a big reorganization, competition or something else. You can build your self-confidence in the face of an ever-changing world.

We tend to think of ‘normal’ as being what was in the PAST. What if what we are living NOW is the NORMAL? We wouldn’t even know it. If you prepared to succeed every day AS IT SHOWED UP – every new day’s normal, you could be successful for the rest of your life.

It does not matter how much money you currently make, or what your job title is today… you can become better, more confident, and an unstoppable achiever!


… really! Click the link to find out how:

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