Are you Smart with the Success Myth (still)?

Many intelligent, smart and highly educated people believe that they WILL SUCCEED JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE INTELLIGENT, SMART AND HIGHLY EDUCATED (all caps for emphasis). Are you one of those holding that belief(even secretly)?

Sure, being intelligent, smart and highly educated help, but… they are NOT SUFFICIENT TO SUCCEED. If you think they are, that belief is one of the reasons you may be less successful than you think you should be…

I have been successful and then felt that “something was holding me back,” but couldn’t put my finger on WHY. I spoke to consultants, friends, family and coaches, and read books, watched videos, heard podcasts…

I developed a rather large list of reasons that may have derailed me. Along the way, I also found information about other reasons that may affect other smart people. The whole list was over 50 long!

I worked with two psychologists to distill the classic symptoms (over 50) of smart people who struggle to succeed, and boiled them down to 15 psychological factors – you may see many manifestations, but the underlying mindset for many of them are common. We even designed an assessment to help identify which of the factors a person had. I took the assessment myself… and identified my impediments. We then developed solutions and worksheets for each of the 15 factors.

Since you’re reading this, I presume you are intelligent and smart. You could be more successful if you identified and mitigated (or eliminated) the disablers (15 different ones) many smart people possess. Reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more.

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