I ran the Midmarket Institute for many years and know business owners well. Only the consultants and advisors tell business owners they need to grow their business. MOST business owners seek LIFESTYLE BUSINESSES – make enough money to support their lifestyle. That’s it. That’s why fewer than 200,000 businesses in America have revenues over $10M.

Most people who start businesses “THINK” they want to build a large business BUT DON’T – they become complacent after they’ve made enough money to support their current lifestyle!

More importantly, I’ve found from personal experience and talking to hundreds of people that MANY PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE A BUSINESS MIND. I have crafted a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE assessment that will tell you with a 81% certainty (over 700 people have taken this, including 125 multimillionaires) WHETHER YOU ARE CURRENTLY WIRED (have the mindset) TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS (or not).

Most of the questions on the assessments were the most relevant ones I asked myself after a huge business debacle that almost bankrupted me.

It is also a VERY GOOD ASSESSMENT for people who want to become successful entrepreneurs. What’s the point of “dreaming big” when “you cannot execute big”??

TAKE THIS ASSESSMENT: If you score ABOVE 60, you are business-minded enough; if you score below 60, you’re not…

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