Do you read, listen to, and watch content that provides insights on how to become more successful but… do nothing?

Most educated people seem to watch videos, listen to podcasts (fewer) and read (even fewer)… for entertainment (infotainment), and move on to the next piece of entertainment. They invest little in enhancing their personal value after graduating from college. You?

If money, power and success were available for the asking, there will be about 8 billion people in queue!!! Really… think about it.

Whatever your age, you’ve had several opportunities to make yourself more valuable – invest in yourself to become an achiever, but… you instead spent the money on short-term pleasure. Think about it. Buying books you don’t read, and seminars you don’t act on, are like buying gym memberships you don’t use – like paying a guilt tax.

You are at another crossroad now. Based on my experiences, you have THREE CHOICES:
1.      Avoid reading further and drift into mediocrity. You will have money to spend… for a while.
2.      Decide that you will save money and do it yourself. I have seen few people who follow through – most people give up rather quickly at the first sign of difficulty (I know that personally!). Still in doubt? Look at the GUILT TAXES YOU HAVE BEEN PAYING – unread books, unused subscriptions, unheard audio, unwatched videos, ignored mentors and experts!!!
3.      Find a skilled and experienced mentor who will guide you, and find your tribe.

You can become an achiever among your friends, colleagues, competitors, family, peers… if you choose to invest in yourself vs. spend to pleasure yourself and others. The longer you delay, the less you will achieve over the rest of your life (the power of compounding).

Want to discuss this some more? Comment below or reach out…  That will be the first step on your journey to becoming an achiever.

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