have dreams and goals but not a written plan for achieving them (we just want outcomes). A plan details actions and also changes to yourself/your organization to become capable/worthy of achieving the goals. But, how will you change if you don’t know what to change/do? So, most of us start from a place of ignorance. Here’s a simple framework to go from ignorance to change and achievement.


Most of us are either ignorant of the problem/challenge (our ‘blind spot’) or intentionally ignoring it. Remember, “You will be punished BY your ignorance sooner and harsher than you will be punished FOR your ignorance.”


Unfortunately, this usually happens in 2 classic ways – some calamity hits you and you suddenly ‘become aware’, or somebody points out the problem (and you say, “Of course it’s obvious and common sense” or “Why didn’t I see it?”). Examples? People who suddenly ‘become aware’ of eating right & exercising after a heart attack; or, ‘become aware’ of their extravagant living when they need the down payment for a house.

 Decision to change

Only you can make that decision. If you really want to buy that house, and the biggest expenses are your extravagant lifestyle, you can decide to change your lifestyle (or intentionally ignore it).

 i – Personal Awareness

You may have decided to change and know what you want to change, but you need to know where you currently are. It is like saying you want to get to Seattle (goal) but don’t know how to get there because you don’t know where you are. No, things like the modern GPS system don’t exist for your mind. You can’t say, “I want to buy a house next year”, and the solution will magically appear. Understanding your present self is essential –strengths, weakness, enablers and disablers…

 Knowledge & Guidance to change

Unless you gain the knowledge and the help of a knowledgeable teacher, coach or mentor, you’ll flail around. Spend the time to find the experienced and knowledgeable teachers, coaches and mentors for what you seek to change – and then, stick with that expert.

 Take Action

We often know we must act, but we do not – the knowing-doing gap. There are many reasons people do not act, but lacking that first step, the solution to the problem or the achievement of the goal will forever remain a dream.

 Live Intentionally

Intentionality is being aware, making conscious choices and doing things that will advance you towards solving the problem or achieving your goal. Most of us have good intentions but do not live intentionally, and therefore do not achieve our goals.

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