Would you like to make your team a HIGHER PERFORMING TEAM? Learn about this unique keynote that will transform your individual leaders AND your team, starting right at your leadership retreat.

Many off-sites and retreats have a motivational speaker or somebody with a book. The team listens, nods… and moves on. Some may make you better, but MOST DO NOT. Think of the speaker you had at your last offsite? Did your team get transformed from the experience?

People in leadership positions are generally smart and capable. You have a good team. How do you make them better… quickly?

The quickest ways to improve the performance of a team are to identify and leverage their unknown strengths, and to identify and mitigate their disablers and weaknesses.

Based on personal experiences (Boeing, Lucent, Silicon Valley venture capitalist, 4 startups), lots of interviews, research and working with two consulting psychologists, I’ve developed 4 assessments that address those items AND can transform leadership groups.

You can register for the LEADERSHIP RETREAT INFORMATION SESSION at: https://www.ismartandsuccessful.com//#upcoming-programs under WEBINARS and choosing the date that works best for you – YOUR UPCOMING LEADERSHIP RETREAT – Transform your Team – Find out How… They are generally held at 12 noon Eastern time on Tue and Thu.

You can contact me at www.MiTRamiyer.com/contact

The event is finished.

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