Many people consider themselves ‘smart’. ‘Thinking and feeling smart’ could come from a high IQ, from an elite education or achievements. It brings 18 psychological factors (we have identified) into play – the “Smartness Challenges”. Each of these factors could either be enablers or disablers, depending on the individual. For example, an enabling behavior on factor could be that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and team with others who complement you. On the other hand, a disabling behavior could be that you refuse to delegate to others, insisting on doing everything by yourself. There are fifteen other such factors.

  1. Many individuals have enablers that they are unaware of, or take for granted. Identifying your enablers and leveraging them could make you much more successful. But, do you know your enablers?
  2. Similarly, individuals have disablers, some they know about, and some they are unaware of. Identifying your disablers and mitigating them could make you much more successful. But, do you know your disablers?
  3. Particularly after we complete our formal education, and during our mid and late careers, our disablers prevent our greater success MORE than our enablers help us become more successful. This is a very important insight he gained from studying hundreds of people. 

I have developed a proprietary assessment that can diagnose which of the 18 factors are enablers or disablers for an individual. The assessment has been taken by almost 1000 really ‘smart’ people from across the world. You too can take it at:

Of course, we will guide you to leverage your enablers and mitigate your disablers – so you can become an achiever – successful and better than average. Become a ‘SMART’ ACHIEVER!

I have written a book on how YOU CAN…



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I have worked in the business for over 30 years and reached several highs and lows. I have two master’s degrees, one from MIT, a business degree, an extensive network, knowledge and skills, extensive travel, experiences, and constant learning… and enjoy teaching and mentoring people.

I speak from experience, and tell you ‘what you need to hear’ – fluff-free, straight talk, MIT-style.

Like many of you, I’ve had successes and failures in life. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on well-known personal development ‘gurus’ (whom you may have paid as well!). I had one significant failure that almost bankrupted me. I’ve spent 10 years introspecting, talking to friends, personal development ‘gurus’, and accomplished people, to figure out why I had failed. Then, it dawned on me… I WAS THE OBSTACLE – I was impeding my own success – because of my ‘silent killers of success’. I set out to identify, understand and ‘eliminate’ them. I then realized that millions of others have many of the same ‘silent killers of success’ – even very intelligent, smart, and successful people.

I reflected, researched and figured out why many ‘smart’ people do not achieve the level of success they expect, or success commensurate with their high intelligence – and how they can become more successful.

I have identified 18 factors that uniquely identify the ‘smart’ people. Each one of the factors can either enable or disable the individual’s greater success. I developed a unique assessment that identified any individual’s enablers and disablers. I have 500+ such individuals who have taken the assessment. I have analyzed the data. I have culled some very useful insights you can use to become more successful. I have put together worksheets and tools for you to leverage your enablers more, and mitigate your disablers.

I then wrote a book – iSmart & SuccessfulThe Playbook for Translating Ambitions into Achievements, and developed the online iSmart & Successful Game that can improve your smartness every time you play the game. I am also launching the iAchiever Podcast, on which you can listen to experts, successful people and  unsuccessful people. 

I am on a mission, and will do more to help more ‘smart’ people become more successful!

MONEY magazine, in a two-page spread, called me “The Comeback Kid”  because I have successfully reinvented myself many times. MIT Sloan listed me as an accomplished alum. I have made (and lost) millions – seen many highs and lows.

 I write and speak from experience, tell you what you ‘need to hear’ fluff-free, MIT-style!





… from real-world experience and knowledge gained from speaking to experts, successful (and unsuccessful) people, AND deep thought. I have a GENUINE DESIRE TO HELP MILLIONS BECOME SMARTER AND MORE SUCCESSFUL.

Thought Leader

I have an innate ability to “connect the dots”, make sense of the world around us and explain it in simple terms.

Keynote Speaker

I get juiced up when presented with opportunities to make large audiences think and become better, smarter and more successful!


I am very good at explaining important, complex and necessary ideas and concepts in simple and practical terms.

Workshop Leader

I am good at helping people to quickly implement the knowledge and insights I share. Come with questions and issues, and leave with a plan and the confidence to create a better life.

Podcast Host & Guest

Being curious by nature, I ask guests probing questions (which are probably on your mind as well) and glean practical insights you can use. As a guest, I tell insightful stories you can learn from, and put into practice.

MIT Graduate

I “learned to learn” at MIT and came to expect more of myself, and what I can do for others.

Let’s work together to achieve your personal greatness!



To ‘smart’ alumni of top schools, leadership groups, techies, consultants… and more


I speak about how you too can become smarter & more successful



I share the learnings from my experiences, and from speaking to experts and hundreds of people across the world who have succeeded and failed.



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